oh the joys of the four small walls of the law.???? ch.5 part 3

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hey guys I know it has been a long time (2 me) ti upload I haven't been to good I'm still feeling ill so sorry if it takes longer to upload I'm going to be away for a little while so i'm going to write while i'm away and then post when I have my internet back okay shouldn't take longer than a few days maybe it dependeds on the internet blocks but I will be writing on paper then uploading when I can okay upload soon I promise. xx glodengoose226.



I can't believe i'm sitting on a cell bed again; twice in one month. OH, the joy of law, goody-two shoes like Jenna can follow. But someone like me can't. My cell mate Tomika is really bonkers, total girly girl. With her light brown hair and dark blue eyes. She talks none stop. I wouldn't mind but it's about none other than, Justin Bieber; WHY? I have not a clue, but after hearing aboout him none stop by the ffemales in the pack it sort of get's on your nerves. We talked none stop about who we love or for me loved. She says "I'm not obsessed, there's just no other guy for me." I know she was put in for stalking his tour bus for two whole days though. It's lucky she hasn't got a restraning order from him. What can you say? He must love his fans.

Bruce came back and let stalker out. She gave me a hug and for me thats big. I'm not a hugging person, but if I had known her earlier, we would have been good buddies. But with the mood I was in she was lucky I talked at all. I lyed back down and closed my eyes. Oh, the joy of the cell people, fighting, and cursing at the cops. Bruce just stands there laughing at the new one brought in. He was sure putting up a fight. Bruce looked in on me, see's what i'm doing and laugh's.

"What? Why are you laughing brucey- boy?" He look's at me and continues to laugh. "For all the kids that are in for speeding, like that kid. Your the one who did the highest, but your the most well behaved I've seen you and I've seen you a few times and not always when your in trouble just out and about round town. Your a good kid. What I don't get is why you did it?" I laughed "I'm well behaved because you get nothing out of being like newbe there. And the reson I'm in is a long and hurtful story in my books." He looked at me sympathticly "I'm hear if you want to talk." I nodded and with that he opened my hell and sat on the oposit cell bed. I sighed and explained "I found my mate snogging another girl in mcdonalds when me and Jenna walked in. I had and argument with mum about monster and about what happend that night. I got angry and me and Jenna got on my bike and drove around alot till I was frezing. We'd been on a run before the argument me and all the boys from both packs. Before I got off and left I remember sneering at him he looked so upset as I waved to the other boys. We went inside and we went to sit down after getting are order and he was right infront off the exit kissing some other girl. I was so hurt... *sob* I tryed to get round him but Jenna called me. He broke off with her and looked at me sad and guilty. I was so mad how could he feel sad? He just broke my heart and got court while doing it. He grabbed my wrist and I punched him and left telling Jenna to get a lift back to the house from him." I barly made that out he just looked at me and handed me a tissue. He's one of my dad's good friend from another pack he just moved here with my pack a few months back. He knows me well enough to know I don't cry unless i'm really hurt by something. He's a good wolf hates to see me hurt i'm like a little sister to him the one he never had. "That still doesn't explain how you got here though. Because you were back at the house when I picked you up and so was Jenna and the gizas.... I see you got the gizes together to cheer you up by playing a game of some sort. Let me guess? Truth or Dare?" He knew me so well "Yer, but one more got added to the gizas, Taylor, he's from red pack." I could hear a group of rodey boys outside and then a girl joined in I looked at Bruce "Collecting time little one, the whole entire packs outside." Bruce can sense numbers and he remembers sents of by nose. "Tell them I will only come out if they all shut up and Sam's gone out of my sight and my bikes out front." Bruce laughs at what I said "I geuss Sam's the gizas who broke my lil sisses heart, want me to go sort him for you, or just get him to leave and all the other orders complete?" He looks at me pleadingly(?) "No, just get what I said for them to do done for me you can leave the cell open I'll walk out when it's done, thanks Brucey- boy." and with that and a smile he left me with the cell opeen. 5 miniuts later. Taylor come storming into the cell grab's me and throws me over his sholder. God, I hated this being done to me.

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