Renesme and jacob together forever

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Chapter 1- renesmee pov.

I woke up to the smell of pancakes, yum! I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my hair. Once I was done I went to change. I decided to wear shorts with a tee. Nothing special.

I went to the mirror. I looked about 18 but I was actually 17 now. I vampire sped downstairs. Jake was already eating in the kitchen."hi mommy." I said."hi nudge, esme has breakfast ready in the kitchen." mommy said.

"thank u mommy. Where's dad?" I asked."he's out hunting with the boys." mom said. I'm surprised she didn't join them. 'okay" I said then kissed her on the check and ran off to eat.

"hey nessie!"Jake said with a mouth full of food." have u ever heard of manners?" I asked raising an eyebrow."never heard of such thing." jake said after swallowing his food. "What a dog." I mumbled.

"hey! I heard that!" Jake yelled playfully."y were meant to." I said smiling. Whenever I'm around jake I get this feeiling that I'm drawn to him, like we were meant to be together. But I could never tell him. He probably doesn't feel the same way.

Once I was finished eating I went back to mom. Jake was on the couch watching a football game."when's dad gonna be home?" I asked." in 3 2 1." mom said. Just then all the boys came walking in.

"hi little monster!" emmet said messing with my hair." go mess with aunt Rosalie's hair." I whined. Ant rose growled. Whooped shouldn't have said that.

Uncle jasper went over to aunt alice. What a big family! "hi daddy!" I yelled then jumped into his arms hugging him tightly. I heard jake growl. I wonder y?

"hi sweetheart." daddy said. Daddy can I talk to u and mommy in privet. I asked in my mind so only daddy would hear. He nodded his head."Bella nessi wants to talk to us, alone." dad said.

"okay." mom said. We walked into my room and I sat in the bed."I that've this feeling whenever I'm around jake." I started."is it disgust, because trust me I feel that way all the time?" dad asked.

"actually It's the opposite of that. It's like we were meant to be together. I think I'm starting to have feelings for him. And not just as friends." I said softly.

"oh." mom said. Dad nodded, mom must of let her shield down and asked dad something."nudger I think it's time u know." mom said sighing."know what?!" I asked confused.

"ask jake, he will tell u. Also tell him we gave him permission to tell u." dad said."umm okay." I said. Then I went downstairs to where jake was and sat on the couch with him.

"hey nessi!" jake said smiling." umm hi." I said playing around with my fingers."is something wrong?" jake asked suddenly getting serious."I was just wondering if we could talk alone." I said nervously.

"umm sure. What is it ness?" jake replied. I grabbed his hand and walked him to my room. I knew everyone would be listening in but at the time all I could think about was jake.

"I think I sorta like u...more than a friend." I said looking down. Jake sighed but in relief. I'm confused."u don't know how long I've waited for u to say those words." Jane said lovingly.

"wait u mean u like me to?!" I asked getting overly excited."yes" was all he said. I sqeaked in excitement but got sad when I noticed he was going to imprint one day then leave me.

"what's wrong?" he asked me relishing my sudden change of emotion."ur gonna imprint one day then.....leave me." I said sadly." I already imprinted." jake said."t r u telling me this now when I just confessed my feelings to u. How is she gonna feel. I can't believe it!" I said looking at the floor with anger and disspointment.

"u know her. She's beautiful! The way her face lights up when she sees the people she loves. And how her long brown wavy hair shines like the sun. She's absolutely perfect!" jake bragged.

"who is she?" I asked softly not looking into his eyes."it's u." jake said sniling. I must if heard wrong."what!?" I shouted."it's u." he reapested."omg!" I yelled then ran into his arms. He immediately hugged me back.

"I love u renesmee Carly Cullen, always eill and always hav."jake said staring at my eyes lovingly." I love u to." I said then rested into his huge but comforting arms."do u want to go out on a date tomorrow?" jake asked me netvously.

"of course." I said cuddling into his arms. Just then everyone opened the door. I freaked and ran out of James arms and locked myself into the bathroom. I heard Emmett laughing."shut it!" I yelled to emmet.

He wouldn't stop laughing so I vampire sped out of the bathroom and pinned uncle emmet onto the floor."that's my girl." Jake mumbled. Dad growled and mom had to calm him.

"I didn't know u had it in u,monster." emmet said."I saved it just for u." I said smiling evilishly. Jake laughed and I turned to smile at him. Then emmet pinned me!"hey!" I shouted struggling to get out.

"don't get distarcted."emmet said laughing."stop annoying her emmet." rose snapped. "sorry sweethaert." emmet said to rose then let me go. Rise winked at me and I smiled before they left. It was only jasper and Alice left not including jake.

"I couldn't help but over hear ur going on a date so we need to pick out ur outfit!" Alice squealed jumping up and down. Jasper smiled then left with jake so alice and I could be alone.

I put on music while Alice laid out hundreds of piles of clothes onto the bed for me to trie on. The song that was playing was 'love u like a song' by Selena Gomez.

"here trie this on." Alice said throwing a pink skirt with a polka dotted tank top and a dark jean jacket with uggs over her head. It fell on my face."alliicceee!" I yelled. She turned around"oops sorry." she shrugged.

I sighed then tried it on." I think we found our outfit." Alice said grinning..............

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