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Chapter 17

Julie's POV

"What should we toast to?"

Peter thought for a moment and raised his glass. "All you need is now."

"Touché." I clinked glasses over our dessert. It had been a wonderful dinner, complete with fettuccini with white sauce, Caesar salad, and red wine to finish it off. I was on my third glass. Things were in clear focus at the moment. Peter was in focus to me now. I'd been crazy. I wanted him more than ever right now. Or it could be the wine talking. I wasn't sure. All I knew is I couldn't stop looking into his eyes. The green mystical color drew me into his stare.

"What is it Julie?"

"I've just never looked into your eyes before. I mean really looked into them."

"Look away then." He smiled.

I couldn't. His jaw was so sleek. The stubble on his chin looked like it would be rough against my touch. I had to restrain myself from reaching over the table to touch him. He was model quality staring back at me. I could feel a blush building, because if he tried to kiss me, I wouldn't stop him. I knew it now. I wanted more than just friends. I couldn't hide it from myself anymore.

Peter's POV

She kept doing this long stare. Her lips would pout, and I almost couldn't stand the way she was looking at me. I smiled, taking a drink to cover the fact that I wanted to slide near her in the round table booth, take her in my arms, and kiss her hard. It was the thing I'd wanted to do for the last month. I wasn't sure she would let me. But I was getting to a point where I might not care. "You can't look away, can you? Do I have something on my face?"

"Wait." She reached over the table and stroked my chin, feeling the growth of stubble. She drew her hand back, grinning at me silly. "I just wanted to see what it felt like."

"Haven't you ever felt a man's beard before?" This was getting interesting.

"Men just look so sexy with evening shadows. I can't help it. You look gorgeous."

I tried not to show how this made me feel. The feeling went straight between my legs, making me hard. This was going to be torture if she kept this up.

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