Help with private work

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Ok so I have heard many still cannot read the private rated r chapter. So I have done some looking into it, and this should help

1. Make sure you are a follower of mine. If you are and it still don't work go to the next step/ Chapter is marked Rated R so you will know which one it is.

2. Remove the story from your library then add it again. The Rated R chapter should ten show since you follow me. If not see step 3

3. If all that fails I can figure out a way to send you the url. I get several messages a day and will try to keep an eye for those needing a url once above steps are followed.

I am under the assumption step 1 and 2 should solve the problem.

Finally please vote or comment as that is only way I know if it worked or not. Thanks lovelies and Gents

p.p.s I am working on the next update. It will be up this week. I had to update some of my other stories and deal with real life. Love you all.

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