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This was requested by Tweak_athaga_bunny and I hope you like it ^^
You stood at the cashier counter in your uniform while you watched a black haired man browes some manga.

Working in a manga shop, you made friends easily, considering you love manga.

Today was a slow day, and so far, only this man had come into the shop.

You were leaned forward with your elbows on the counter when you noticed the man wave you over.

Curious, you went over to him. "Hello sir. Can I help you?"

He gave you a nod. "Yes please, I am looking for a new manga series to start reading and I need help picking it out. My name is Kiku by the way."

"My name is _______. Nice to meet you. Anyway, what kind of manga would you like? Sci-Fi like Sword Art Online, Horror like Corpse Party, or anything along those line?" You asked as you leaned up against the shelf.

Kiku contemplated his options. "I think I want something horror." He have you a nod to signify he made up his mind.

"I think I know something you might like." You held out your hand which he took hesitantly but held it tight.

With a smile, you led him a few shelves over to the horror section before letting go of his hand and grazed over the books.

After a moment, you found the manga. "Here we are. Highschool of the Dead." You handed him the first volume and he flipped through it.

"I've seen the anime. I've lost count of how many panty shots there were in the first episode." You said with a shrug. "But it is very good."

"Thank you ______-San. I am ready to check out now." He gave you a nod and put it in the bag with the rest of his items, which consisted of a plushie and a DS cartridge, something else you sell.

You headed to the counter and and felt his eyes on you as you walked.

You got all his stuff rung up and put them back in his bag and handed him the receipt. "Just need you to sign the bottom."

Kiku took the pen and scribbled on the paper before handing it back to you. He left and you looked at it.

Kiku Honda

-Come read manga with me some time?

Your heart fluttered a little. He was really nice and all but he was an adult and you were a teen in a manga shop.

Oh well.

xx Time Skip xx

Kiku came back two days later and purchased the next few volumes of Highschool of the Dead.

"I rather enjoyed the first one." He said as he checked out.

"I'm glad you did." You gave him a smile and before you handed him the receipt, you wrote at the bottom,

-I would love to read manga with you

When Kiku read it, he smiled. "Would you be able to come now?"

You gave him a nod. "Yeah, my shifts over anyway and my coworker is in the back." You took off your jacket and walked with him to his house.

"You really like manga, right?" He asked and to you as he entered the living room with you behind him.

"Yeah. Manga is amazing." You smiled and then motioned you over to a room. He opened the door and what you saw was amazing.

There were shelves on the wall from floor to ceiling, lined with manga. All kinds you could think of.

The spaces on the wall that didn't hold shelves had wallpaper that had anime characters on them. A few were from Sailor Moon, and others were from a few other anime's.

"This is amazing..."

"Hai. I had a friend build the shelves and put on the wallpaper for me."

"Well he did a pretty darn good job."

"I was hoping you'd like it. Would you like to come back here regularly and we can read manga together?"

You smiled and nodded at him. "I would love that."

xx Time Skip xx

After the next few weeks, you always went over to Kiku's house to read manga with him.

One day when you got to his house, he seemed a little nervous.

You sat down in one of the beanbags you two were in when you read.

"_______, can I ask you something?" He stumbled over his words a little and you nod.


"Well... I know that this may seem weird and all... You being a teenager... But I was wondering..."

"What were you wondering Kiku?" You tilted your head to the side.

"First... Have you ever watched Black Butler?"

You gave him a nod.

"Then... Can I be the Sebastian to your Ceil?"
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