Mother's Present (Happy Mother's Day 2015)

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Jean: Hey Eren!

Eren: What's up, horseface?

Jean: *sighs* You know that today is Mother's Day, right?

Eren: Yeah, so?

Jean: Have you gotten a present for your mom yet?

Eren: She's dead you moron.

Jean: So... that's a no then. I think that your mother already received her Mother's Day present though.

Eren: What is it? *tilts head*

Jean: Being eaten by a titan.


Jean: Hey, no one talks crap about my mother!

Eren: *transforms into a titan and beats the crap out of Jean*

Author's Note

I just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to all the moms here. Sorry for being inactive for about a couple months, exams and finals are about to happen...

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