Chapter 7

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"NASH!!" I ran across main hall and jumped into his arms. My legs wrapped around his waiste and he just hugged me back. His hugs were perfect like an unconditional feeling that felt like it could never be replaced.
"Aw little cuties." Matt said pulling his phone out "love birds part 2...RETWEET!"
"Well he better stick around so there's more parts." I smirked referring to Matts comment
"I'll be around for a long time." Nash said seriously makeing me smile like this little happy feeling inside of me. Like a little kid. Nobody has ever said anything like that to me and I don't know hearing it finally out of his mouth is amaizing.
"Collete come over tomorrow I wanna go to the mall-if you wanna come." He smiled
"Love too." he held my hand and walked me to my car "text me beautiful" then he leaned down and kissed my cheek and walked to his truck. Once he pulled out of the parking space and was far from me I screamed in my car letting all of my happiness out "YES!" I yelled. I drove all the way home and called Lycia telling her everything she screamed along with me then Cam walked in ending our conversation.
"Hey sis." He sat down on my bed leaning against the head board.
"Hey" I answered "what do you want?"
"I heard you and Nash were hittin it off." He smirked
"Yeah I guess why?" I was confused Cameron usually wasn't so-social about my relationships.
"I just want you to be careful." He said. There it is.
"Thanks mom."
"Come on you know mom dosnt care that much." He said looking at me. I studied the ring on my hand then nodded "true." I sighed "well tomorrow I'm going to the mall with Nash."
"Fun. Bring pepper spray." He said seriously then laughed
"Cam I can't believe you don't trust your me" I laughed
" I trust you it's just his guy hormones i don't trust like my own." He said knowing it would gross me out "ew blah gross bye." I pushed his out
"Gravity is increasing Collete...oh no." He started
"Cam no.." He always did that. He got it from the movie leloh and stitch. "Oh god." He fell on top of me
"Your so FAT! Cameron what's wrong with you! MOVE YOUR BUTT!" I pulled on his long hair kicking and trying to bite out from under him. "Cameron!" I yelled then I finally freed my self. "So freaking rude."
I jumped in the shower and washed my hair and my body. The water was relaxing tbh. When I got out I put on so,e fuzzy socks sweat pants and a sweatshirt then climbed I'm bed and got on Twitter

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