Chapter | 32

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Warning: Romanticize allllll you want, the authors will be the ones romanticizing your stubborn áss getting mad or crying over a few letters on the screen.

It was almost a week in this remote area where the Arks still haven't informed their companions the location. Ryūji has been depressed and deep in thought, Shen could barely even talk to him. Everyone had their own room, apart from a sleeping prisoner in the basement. A four-bedroom lakehouse houses two Princes, one army general, and three Arks. This morning...

"You like it, admit it you like it," Mahiro teases Shen while pecking his neck and face, touching his sides and áss to tickle him a little bit.

And this is when the grumpy almighty Prince Ryūji Shinji, protector of Alpha Lion Huang Shen, purposefully dropped a teaspoon from his morning coffee and interrupting the two. His eyes has never been so threatening towards someone before.

Like a bad theatre actor he exclaims, "Oops, I dropped it, my mistake! Just like whatever the hell you're doing, Mahiro." Ryūji suspiciously drinks his coffee with raised eyebrows and squinted eyes.

"Ouji-senpai—" before Mahiro can defend himself, a sleepy Kelvin in mere boxers came to the kitchen and greets Shen.

With a kiss on the lips, "Hey babe, want me to make you a pancake?"

Coffee just squirted out of Ryūji's nose and now Mahiro is pissed he has to clean the floor. "Excuse me, what the fúck? Shen, can you explain?"

"Uhm... them two... I very like," Shen shyly says while fiddling his fingers. Meanwhile, his best friend looks like he has fire in his eyes and coffee dripping down his chin.

"Oh..." Ryūji puts his hand on the counter and the other one on his hip. "So two, huh. Following in our godparents' footsteps then."

Mahiro crosses his arms as Kelvin did not care and is currently making his pancakes with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, condensed cream, crushed KitKats, and sprinkles. Mahiro says, "Whatever man, stop acting like his father."

"Oh, his father is worse. But I changed that boy's diapers and taught him how to ride a bike so I get Daddy privileges too. Granted, I may have kicked the bike once or twice, but I'm still responsible for him!" Ryūji glares at him, before someone in an arm cast joins them, in full raw natural hair since Adan just removed his dreads last night.

"Good morning everyone," he formally greets them while making his coffee, Shen's eyes lighting up and he silently waves at Adan with a shy smile. Then, Adan greets him good morning with a kiss on the forehead and a rub on the back. "Good morning, little Shen. Sleep well?"

Oh no! Yet Shen bites his lip from how attractive Adan is, flirting with him through his eyes.

Ryūji scoffed, making fun of them. "What, you too?"

Mahiro and Kelvin holds back their laugh as Shen looks horrified, Adan cluelessly replying, "Were you discussing the séxual harassment these two have done? Because Shen gave his full consent to me the one time we did it."

"Adan!" A panicking Shen hid behind his hands as Ryūji's jaw dropped so hard, his tongue can be ripped off.

The Prince points at Adan about to say something angrily, but is so speechless he can only point to a whimpering Shen and whisper, "You're dead. Shen, you are so dead and I'm not even gonna be the one to ki—your stepdad has a weak heart, this could kill him!"

"Oreo, my stepdad is very accepting! Love is love," Shen adamantly defends himself as Mahiro starts to sink to the floor, wheezing. Adan gets his coffee and goes back upstairs to work as Kelvin proceeds to put marshmallows on his pancakes.

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