Chapter Ten

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AN: Remember when I said this was kinda-sorta AU? Yeah. I am breaking Nolanverse laws. As well as the laws of science. And probably a few others that I don't know about.

* * *




Library. He'd forgotten to call Edward,

Didn't want to?

thought the library would have something...

God, what time was it?

It was dark, but that was nothing new. The house was always dark, even on sunny days. He could have rented it out to a horror film.

He tried to sit up and was hit with dizziness and nausea. Okay. He'd just stay down for another minute or two, that was fine. But he really should be getting back, they'd be worried...

The fuck did you do?

...I slipped.

He could practically see Scarecrow facepalming.

You gotta be kidding.

I didn't do it on purpose!

Oh, my aching head...don't shout, jackass.

He felt about for his glasses. Hopefully they weren't They were a little bent, but that could be dealt with later.

Okay. He'd lain here long enough, it was time to go back. Damn the library, it had brought him nothing but trouble anyway.

He struggled up, ignoring the sudden increase in physical misery, and made his way to the wall. He'd just stand here for a minute, get his balance.

Something upstairs creaked and he shrank back instinctively. There was nothing there and

he shook his head. A grown man-the Scarecrow at that!-jumping at small noises.

Unfortunately, the head-shake sent him to his knees lest he fall on his face and he took a

deep breath, hoping he wouldn't puke.

It was still raining, and it had only gotten worse. It was going to be a miserable walk


He tried standing again, but his body disagreed. The best he could do was to straighten

up, but the second he tried actually standing he blacked out again.

* * *

"Jonathan? Jonathan. Wake up, love."

"Kitty." He swallows. "When did you get here?"

"I came looking for you."

She looks better. She looks normal. Must've been some weird strain of the flu, that was all...

He hugs her-she's freezing, she shouldn't have come out in the rain so soon.

"How are you feeling?"

"Tired." One hand rubs the back of his neck. "Very tired. Where have you been? You've been gone for ages."

"It's a long story...Kitty?"


He blinks. For a second he could have sworn...never mind. Lightning.

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