Lillian's Point of View
I let out a small giggle as Cole kissed Lindsey.
"So. have those two become a real thing now?" I heard a lady's voice behind me say.
"...Mum?! What are you doing here? How did you get here? I've missed you so much." I cried, running towards mum.
"I've been here this whole time. Just you couldn't see me. But I guess something changed and now I'm here... I don't know anything else." she told me, Combing through my hair with her fingers. I let out a sob. My mom was finally with me. I won't be alone in this dimension anymore.
????? Point of view
I hid behind the trees of My sons place. He was hugging someone I couldn't tell if it was Male or Female. I placed a camera on the trees, pointing directly at the house.
"I'll be watching you son. You better be prepared for what's coming. Trust me!" I said quietly, turning all the cameras on.
"I'll see you guys at Pax. Hope your ready for some fun!"
Emile's Point of view
"Ok. So Your bag is packed, so is Cole and Lindsey/Lillian and Mine, so we're all set to go to pax!" I said Excitedly.
"Yaaaaaaaaaaaa.... SHIT WE FORGOT ABOUT MASEA AND TIM! ARE THEY COMING TO PAX?!?!" Jon asked me, causing me to laugh.
"Yes their coming, I asked them 2 weeks ago. Calm down." I told him, ruffling his hair.

Soooo sorry for lack of updates. Been busy with Track, AVID, chorus, Drama, my crush might actually liking me back, and drama and depression. Updates will go back to normal after school is over which is on May 29 so good news on that.
Bad news. I'm lacking ideas for this book. This book is probably gonna end around chapter 60 but there will probably be a sequel so be excited for that!

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