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The life of James W. Fannin

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Colonel james fannin was the commander of the troops harshly exicuted by order of santa anna at goliad.

Colonel fannin was born january1,1804 in morgan county. Fannin was adopted by his maternal grandfather james walker and was raised on a plantation.

In july 1819 at a young age james fannin went to school at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Although fannin was not devoted to his studies there. Fannin ranked 60th in a class of 86, and ran away after getting in a fight with another student. After running away from west point fannin married Minerva Fort and had 2 children. Years later Fannin moved his family to Valasco, Texas along the Brazos river. Fannin thwn believed in the independence of Texas from Mexico, and became involved in a number of battles during the Texas Revolution. One of which was the battle of Concepción where both James Fannin and Jim Bowie had to find camp for 90 men and were attacked by about 275-400 mexican troops. This was not the only battle Colonel James Fannin was invloved in. He was also involved in the battle of Refugio, where he sent 120 soldiers. As soon as the king arived the entire town was surounder by General Urrea's army. Houston was informed on this and sent orders to abandon the fort in which Fannin and his men were stationed. Houston's orders were to take all weapons possible those that couldnt be carried were to be dumped in the river. He also ordered for the fort to be destroyed and for Fannin and his men to join him in Victoria. Fannin waited 7 days though before obeying orders to see what happened to the men in Refugio. While Fannin was still stationed waiting for news from the others he fecieved a plea from the Alamo. After getting the plea from the Alamo Fannin thought about his men' they were untrained and not ready for battle. Fannin also relized his supplies were running low. Even though his men wore ragged clothes and shoes he set out to aid the Alamo with 320-350 men and 4 cannons. They had no horses so they used slow moving oxen, most time was delayed because of this and moving the cannons over the river.

When Fannin learned Urrea's physical position and plans to attack San Antonio and Goliad, he gave up his plans to attack and headed to The fort of Goliad where Urrea was to be heading. In 1836, 300 Texian soldiers who were led by Colonel James W. Fannin surrenderd to the Mexican army, and were led back to goliad. While there General Jose Urrea assured Fannin that the men were to be let go this was something he hoped to be possible.

When Santa Anna was informed about the Texian soldiers prisoner at Goliad he was furious as to why the men had not been exicuted yet. James W. Fannin of course was one of these men.

On March 27th the prisoners were marched out and formed into line and Mr. Spohn was asked to order the assistants to have all the wounded of the Texians brought out to the courtyard those who could not walk were to be carried.

Mr. Spohn was also ordered to tell Colonel James Fannin to come to tue center of the courtyard where he was to be exicuted. After this all 342 Texian soldiers were to be exicuted by order of Santa Anna.

After everything Colonel James W. Fannin was a positive contribution to the Texas Revolution and he never gave up because he strongly believed in the independance of Texas from Mexico.

What's so interesting about Colonel James W. Fannin is that he strongly believed in Independance of Texas from Mexico and he was so dedicated in making it happen. also what surprised me about Colonel Fannin was when he was ordered to the center of the courtyard to be exicuted he was emotionless, Fannin was also very brave. Fannin walked straight out to the center and waited.

Colonel James W. Fannin was discribed as gallant, handsome, sensitive, and a brave person. he is remembered mostly for his bravery and devotion in the Texas Revolution.

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