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Illyria swung open her bedroom door with a crash, causing Jess to fall off the bed. "What the fuck Illyria, I sent you out for ice cream like an hour ago?" Illyria rolled her eyes as she jumped onto her bed, the diary still clutched tightly in her hands, her eyes swollen from tears shed. Jess lifted her head from the floor, a scowl on her face that softened when she Illyria's. "What happened Ill?"

Illyria tried to shrug, unbothered, but Jess remained unconvinced. Her face drawn into an expression of annoyance. Illyria looked up, meeting her friends gaze, before rolling her eyes and looking down at the journal in her lap.

"I found my mum's diary," Illyria spoke as Jess took a sip of water, causing Jess to choke on the liquid. Illyria fiddles with the corners of the cover page and continued to speak, "apparently they didn't like eachother when they met. Hell, it seems like she might've actually hated my dad."

Jess took in a sharp breath, "how do you feel?"


"Oh Ill, their love was real-"

Illyria laughed, "not sad because I think their love was a lie, I just feel sad because if they could get past that then surely me and Tris..." she trailed off, clearing her throat with a cough, "it's just false hope is all,"

Jess shifted in her seat, ruffling the covers of the bed and causing Illyria to look at her curiously, scrutinising her expression. "Ill, can I be blunt?" Illyria scoffed, "when aren't you?" Jess silenced her with a glare, "you know what I- oh for fucks sake." Jess leaned forward, grabbing Illyria by the shoulders and forcing Illyria to meet her stare with wide eyes.

"You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and you need to just let him talk. The guys a dick but you need him and he needs you. Hell, this is probably some stupid misunderstanding Ill, you need to sort your shit out. I should be the only one who gets to mope around about mates and shit. You have yours right infront of you and I swear to god Illyria if you don't work shit out with him then I'm done having this conversation. You both love eachother I don't understands what's so fucking difficult."

Jess leaned back, her back now resting on the plain headboard, her head craddled in her hands. "God you're both so fucking stubborn. What I wouldn't give for the chance you guys have."

Illyria, still wide eyed and staring at Jess, lets out a sigh. "That was one heck of a monologue." Jess groans, "I'm sorry-"

"-You're right,"

Jess lifts her head to look at Illyria, her eyes wide as she takes in what Illyria said. "Jess, you're right. I've- I've got to go, alright? I'll talk to you later." Illyria yells out over her shoulder as she once again makes her way into the hallway which is now filling with dawn's light.

Ignoring Jess's calls she finds herself standing infront of Tristyn's bedroom door, her hand poised to knock. "Shit," Illyria whispers, squaring her shoulders before placing her hand on the doorknob and twisting.

The door swings open quietly and Illyria finds herself looking at Tristyn, shirtless, standing by the foot of his unmade bed looking out of his open window. Her eyes rake up his back, following the line of his spine to his broad shoulders, decorated in bunches of tawny freckles. His arms crossed over his chest, his biceps bulging. His head turns, flicking his floppy blond hair over his forehead. His tired eyes widening in confusion, followed by his eyebrows knitting together. "Illyria?"

Illyria stopped in her tracks, her eyes finally meeting his. Her heart raced like it was trying to punch its way out of her ribcage. To stop herself from saying something she shouldn't she bit her lip. What was she even going to say? Oh god, this was a stupid idea-

"Ill, what are you doing?"

She opened her mouth to talk, closed it, and then opened it again; not knowing where to start. "I found my mum's diary this morning." Tristyn's eyes softened as she came to sit on his bed, infront of where she stood. "Turns out her and my dad didn't like eachother much, they had a really rocky beginning to their relationship, bond, whatever you want to call it."

Illyria sighed, running her hand up the her neck and into the baby hairs that sat at the nape. "Tristyn, they were perfect in the end, why can't-" Illyria sighed, tears finally pricking the corners of her eyes, "Tris, I don't want a rocky few months of this," Tristyn sighed, leaning forward and grabbing Illyria by the elbow, pulling her closer to him.

Sobs began to wrack her chest as Tristyn guided her to his lap, pulling her close to his chest. His chin resting on the crown of her head. "Shhh," he began to soothe, a hand resting on her lower back, rubbing slow circles while the other sat entagled in her hair, wrapped around her neck as she nuzzled into the side of his.

Slowly her sobs quietened as she sat on Tristyn's lap, accepting his offer of comfort; his literal shoulder to cry on. Hours passed until Illyria stilled completely, her wet cheeks drying, her eyes red and swollen, her hands tracing the freckles on his chest. Lazy sparks shooting where skin met skin, comforting, and distracting them both.

"Illyria..." Tristyn trailed off. Illyria tilted her head, looking up at him past his sharp jaw, a soft 'mm' passing through her lips. He moved so that his eyes met hers, a feeling of electricity passing through their gaze and Tristyn continued to draw lazy circles on her lap. "Illyria, I want this, I want you."

Illyria's breath caught as her eyes moved to his luscious lips, slightly chapped and surrounded by short, blond stubble. Illyria shifted in his lap so that she was sat straddling his lap, one arm on his bicep, the other curled around his neck, fingers in his hair.

Their breathing deepened. Their lips met. Heat engulfed them as their lips, and tongues, moved in synchronisation. Illyria felt herself being lifted. Her back meeting the bed. Tristyn leaning over her. Her legs wrapped around his waist. They pulled apart for air, their breathing loud in the quiet room. His lips came down to meet hers for a quick peck. And then another. And then another. And then, they both got a mindlink.

'Rogues on the boarder, three groups,'

Illyria lifted her head to look at Tristyn and then dropped in back to the bed. Tristyn sighed, standing up. "To be continued," but his eyes met hers once more and he dropped down to give her another kiss before putting on his tshirt and making his way out of the door. "Illyria, can you stay here with the women and kids? You're a Luna now, and I need to know that you're safe."


"I'll bribe you,"

Illyria sat up on his bed, her eye brow raised. "What you got?" Tristyn smirked, making his way towards his bedside cabinet. Reaching inside he brought out a piece of paper with her name on it. "You dropped it when you came out of your parents room. I was going to give it to you at breakfast."

Illyria rushed towards him but he held the letter up and out of her reach. "Nuh-uh. Promise me you'll stay in the cellar? Only get involved to protect the back house." Illyria moaned but the look of concern in Tristyn's eyes and her curiousity towards the letter won her over, "fine."

Tristyn looked relieved, leaning forward for another peck and placing the letter in her hand.

"To be continued?" Illyria asked, nervousness settling in her stomach.

"To be continued." Tristyn nodded, finding his way out of the pack house and into the forest. 

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