"Is plAy Time"

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After receiving the text the door unlocks.

*Hanna looks outside*
"There's no one, we can go"
-Hanna says with a stutter in her voice

They're all still shaken up but they finish off the day as if nothing had happened.

*next day*

Aria looks in the mirror, 'I look good today' she thought as she admired the green streak in her hair. Her black clothes made the color pop.

*footsteps behind Aria*

"Who's there?"

All she sees is a black hoodie behind her, she can't see their face, but she thinks it's -A. The mysterious hooded figure hit her in the head with a muddy shovel, a blue scarf wraps right around her neck.

"HELP, MOM, MIKE" Aria screams the best she can while being choked,
but no ones home.
"No one is coming to save me" she cries

"AHHHH" she wakes up. It was just a nightmare, she tries to calm herself.
Beads of sweat roll down her forehead and her arms shake.
"ok, calm down, just a dream."

She gets up and starts preparing for her day.

Aria after the nightmare goes to school

Walking the long hall, the nightmare still flashing images in her mind,
she bumps into Noel.

"You didn't call me yesterday "
-Noel he says with a frown

"I was so tired I totally fell asleep I'm sorry"
-Aria, she wasn't the best liar.

"You can make it up to me by going with me on a date "
-Noel, his smile, how could anyone turn Noel away?

"Okay! I'd love that"
-Aria, her cheeks go from a natural pale to a ravish red

"See ya at 7pm?
-Noel he asks

Says Aria, giving him a kiss on the check.

Arias phone buzzes,

"Meet in the washroom -H"

She was scared to talk about this new -A person after that nightmare but she needed answers.


"Guys this 'A' is really starting to freak me out"

"If it's one of you guys fess up because this is not funny!"

"It's not me"
- the rest say

"Okay, well it's someone and we need to figure out who, soon."

"agreed. Next time any of us get a text we meet up, got it?"
-Emily demands

"Got it"
-they agree

*They all leave and go to their respective classes*

Spencer on her way to class trips over a new guy.
*trips* *books falls*

"OMG I'm so sorry, I'm not having a good day and I'm head is spinning around" *grunts*

"Is okay, well good luck with that or wait, Let me give you a hand"
-Caleb fixes his sentence slickly

"Thank you! What's your name by the way?"
*stares at him* 'he's goregous!' She thinks to herself

*hands Spencer her books*

"I'm Caleb and I'm new in this town,
and could you tell me where is this class?"

"Nice to meet you Caleb, and just come with me, you're in my class"

"Thanks and nice to meet you too" *

*Bell rings*

"We need to talk"


"What's up?"

"What's up?! Let me refresh your memory, there's a psycho out there and we don't know
who this person is or what this person is capable of!
-Spencer says dramatically

"Calm down! It's probably just a loser that I scared off"
-Emily, confident.

"Well until we are not sure about that, we need to stay close."

They all say.

*Hanna and Spencer leave*

"Emily wait up!
I heard Toby Cavanaugh has a crush on you."

"Don't tell me about it. He will need to do a lot more to get this"

After school, Emily walks home alone, the sun is still out but she can't help but be a bit frightened on what could happen now that there is a creeper monitoring her every move. *phone rings* she opens a video that was just texted to her
*ali screams in the background of the video* "LET ME GO EMILY"
Her voice cuts off suddenly and the video is silent. Emily is about to run back to find Aria, Spencer, and Hanna when another text popped up:
"Pretty cheerleaders don't deserve to rot in jail, do they? -A

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