Chapter 4 - Spring break DAY ONE!

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Dirk: wake up
You are Dirk

 You wake up, so tired and it's only 6:30 AND its spring break you groan and turn over. Why did your brain wake you up!

-le time skip-
Dirk: Time to wake up about 2 hours ago!

You, Dirk 

Wake up AGAIN. Whatever. It is now 8:51 and you feel like you might as well wake up.

As you go downstairs you scratch your butt, brush your teeth and retrieve your bag of cool ranch Doritos and Monster. You sit on the couch and turn on Netflix Episode 34 of My Little Pony. Hell yes this is the life.

You are now comfortable with the bag of Doritos in between your legs and monster in your hands, rainbow dash is about to try out to be a fuckin' Wonder Bolt. She'd better or you'll be pissed.  Then- somebody knocks, like fuck, why now of all times. You get out of your comfy spot in the couch and move the Doritos spilling some, but (thank god amiright) your monster is safe.

You open the door. Jake. You forgot that you had told him were you live. Hm. Guess rainbow dash can wait. I know she'd approve of this anyways. Jake's eyes are open with happiness and excitement. 

"Hey chap! It's spring break." He was practically jumping in excitement. It was amazingly adorable. Now you know for sure Rainbow can wait. 

"Yea I know Man..."

But even if Jake is amazing..

 You sigh wondering if you'll be 90 once rainbow dash is finally a Wonder Bolt.

"You...Don't sound so chipper about it mate" Jake sounded..disappointed. Crap the voice. I can't resist that voice. 

"How about you come in, I finish my breakfast and...Maybe we can go to the spring carnival?" You offered, wondering if Jake was okay with it. 

Jake nodded in excitement and came in sitting on the couch. He looked at the TV, shit.  "So what are we watching chap?" he stopped and gulped, you could see it. 

" My.." you look down and scrape your foot across the floor aware of your smuppet pj's  And continued 

"Little Pony" great he probably thinks your Not cool anymore...

" I love that show chap! I watch it everyday." You smile and let the cool kid exterior down for a bit. That's not that bad of an idea, right?

~also le time skip~

Finally, It was time to get ready for the carnival. You and Jake walked out the door, prepared for rides, games, prizes..and maybe...

just maybe some love...

Hehehhe like it?

Note: oml i almost didn't change this one i actually love it. *claps* good job 11 year old me. 

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