#51 Scott/Liam

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"I love you" my blurted words rang awkwardly in the air between Scott and I.  I didn't mean to say them, I didn't want to say them first.  Why does my stupid mouth have to speak before my brain can stop it.

I finally drew the courage to look up at a dumbfounded looking Scott.  His mouth kept opening and closing as if he were trying to come up with a response and I knew I had blew it.  Of course he doesn't feel the same way.  We've only been dating for two months.  I'm so stupid.

"I'm sorry, just forget it" I mumbled, shooting up from the grass and rushing off of the lacrosse field.  I ran a frustrated hand through my hair just walking back toward the school.

"You blew it Liam, you blew it!" I growled at myself once I was safely in the confines of the locker room.  There's gotta be some way I can get myself out of this.  I didn't mean it?  I spoke wrong?

I groaned as I leaned against the wall allowing myself to sink to the floor.  I buried my face in my hands, shaking my  head.  It was only a minute or two before I heard it.

"Liam?  Liam?  Please tell me you're in here?!"I heard Scott shout in a worried tone.  I didn't bother speaking up as I slowly lifted my head in time to see him round the corner.  I watched frown creep onto his face as he came up in front of me and crouched down to my eye level.

"You don't have to say it Scott, I get it" I sighed, turning my head toward the tiled floor.  I heard Scott let out a sad sigh before he spoke up again.

"Look at me Liam?" he pleaded, but I kept my eyes glued on the floor.  I couldn't even bare the thought of looking at him.  This was so humiliating.

"Please just go Scott" I whispered in a soft voice and that's when I felt Scott's warm fingers slide around my chin and turn my face to look at him.

"Liam, you are such a drama queen" Scott stated with a hopeful grin, probably trying to make me laugh.  I could help the small smile that slipped onto my lips at his joke.

"See, that's what I was looking for" he smiled and I let my smile falter slightly.

"Liam, about what you said out on the field" he started but I held up a hand.

"Please don't Scott" I begged "I get it, I made a mistake.  I'll keep my distance."

"No, you don't understand" he started and I sighed.  What could I possibly be missing.  His silence earlier had said it all.

"Liam, you keeping you're distance is the last thing that I would want" he insisted.

"I'm the freak that said I love you Scott!  And you obviously don't feel the same way.  I wouldn't want to hang out with me either" I offered and I Scott tried to cut in.

"But Liam, the only reason-"

"And I'm completely humiliated so just talking about this kind of sucks" I continued.

The only-"

And I know that you are just trying to be a nice guy" I lolled on.

"Liam will you please listen to me!" he yelped.

"What?" I sighed.

"I'm trying to tell you that I love you" he finally breathed "and you would've known that if you'd given me a minute to process.  The only reason I hadn't responded before you walked off wasn't because I didn't love you, it was because you just caught me off guard."

"I love you Liam" he continued on "and that's why I don't want you to keep your distance."  I found a small smile starting to form on my face, and then I did something that I never thought I'd do.  I kissed him.


Hey guys, so there is another one shot!  I hope you all enjoyed and I promise to update again really soon!  Thanks for reading.

P.S.  The update on the new story I'm writing is here.  I official decided on the ship I'm using based on you votes.  And the ship that the book is going to be about is : SCOTT/LIAM

Sorry if this isn't exactly the ship you wanted, but it's what got the most votes and also it's the one ship that I haven't written about from the choices.  I have high hopes for this book and I just hope that you guys will like it when I finally post the first chapter!  ^_^

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