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Just My Imagination

Amanda MorrisJuly 27th, 2018Geneva, Ohio 》》》《《《

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Amanda Morris
July 27th, 2018
Geneva, Ohio

"There goes the last box baby boy" I bent down and kissed Deuce's cheek. I had just unboxed the last stuff for the house. "You're growing up so fast baby" I picked him up from out the walker and held him in the air.

As expected, he didn't respond. "You probably think I'm all types of crazy huh." Here I am, talking to a baby. I sighed and sat him back down. Tomorrow I was starting a new job at this Highschool.

Oh, speaking of school i finally finished college, Yay. The schools name is Spire Institute. It's basically a boarding school that revolves around sports. I'm working there as a physical therapist for the mens basketball team.

I haven't really told anyone, and I really don't plan on it. When I first got interviewed for the job, I ended up having to bring Deuce since I didn't know anyone down here, and when Coach Jermaine met him, he instantly fell in love.

I was told that it's fine for me to bring him to work with me which really helps since I won't always need a baby sitter. I threw on a pair of legging with oversized t-shirt and through a track suit on Deuce. I was just going to get a tour of the school so when the year starts in august, I'll already be familiar with the building.

After putting him in his car seat, i grabbed my essentials and headed out the door.


"Hey Coach" I spoke, giving him a quick side hug. "Hey Amanda, how are you?" He returned the hug and looked down at deuce. "You know, it's two kids on the roster this year that I think you'll get along with just fine."

I raised and eyebrow at him and he started the tour. "Who if you don't mind me asking." I adjusted Deuce in my arms as we turned from out of the Cafeteria. 

"There's two boys, Isiah and Rocket. Your energy reminds me of theirs when I first met them" I hummed and he gave me a run down on almost everything we passed.


"Lastly, this is probably where you'll be spending most of your time at" We walked into the gyn and it was beautiful.  "This is nice, are the floors clean?" I asked him, I don't wanna let Deuce crawl on the dirty floors.

"Yeah they just got cleaned yesterday actually" I nodded and sat Deuce on the ground. That boy starting to get heavy now. "So what do you think about the place?"

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