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Illyria made her way up the staircase quietly but quickly, Tristyn's voice echoing from the kitchen as he cursed. Illyria felt world spinning, turning on it's axis. Like she was stood in a box that was being shaken, and she couldn't find any steady ground to stand on.

As she neared the top of the stairs she realised that she had a choice. She could go to her bedroom, see Jess, tell her what happened, watch another Chick Flick that would crush her and then go to sleep sad. Or she could hide away in her parent's bedroom, just for a little while until she calmed down, and then later go to Jess, tell her what happened and fall asleep with a clear thoughts.

Eyeing up the two doors she made her decision. It was the latter.

The door to her parent's bedroom creaked when she opened it and the lock protested when she tried to close it quietly. Shuffling over the carpet she collapsed side ways onto the comforter. Her head was still spinning and her heart still palpatating from earlier. Lifting her fingers to her lips she let out a wistful sigh. Shouldn't it feel weird to kiss your best friend?

Illyria rolled onto her side and found herself looking at her mother's pillow with a something thick and leather peaking out from underneath. Illyria knitted her eyebrows together and sat up abruptly. Gingerly she lifted her hand and reached for the corner of whatever was underneath the pillow.

She tugged it out from underneath the pillow and found it to be a leather-bound journal, it's pages water-damaged and bent with loose letters and photos close to falling out of their homes between the pages. Illyria felt her heart clenched as she opened the cover. On the top right hand corner, written neatly in her mother's writing was a date. The year that she found her mate; Illyria's father.

A sad smile found itself on Illyria's lips. Illyria's parents were perfect for eachother, or so everyone told her. They were incredibly in love, they never fought, and every day of their Mating was a honey moon period. Illyria found her mood lifting as she remembered bits and pieces from before they died. Surely it had always been easy for them.

Illyria ran her fingers down the cracked spine of the book, and then the pages, contemplating opening the journal and reading it. Surely it would be the same as watching a stupid Rom-Com with Jess, except slightly more personal.

Without any more hesitation Illyria flipped to the first page and laughed as she read the opening lines of her mother's messy scrawl.

'My birthday started with Josh coming into my room yelling that there was attack. I was wearing star wars pyjamas and I jumped out the window, shifting as I did so, only to find everything silent and dark. My dickhead of a brother was laughing at me from my room, his laughing woke up my parents and now I'm in trouble for breaking a window and shifting at four in the morning.'

Slowly but surely Illyria continued to read, losing herself in the pages of memories; stories that she would've been raised with had she had her parents with her. Shaking away the sad thoughts Illyria turned back to the third page of the first entry.

'Alpha invited many other packs and last to arrive, of course, was Blackletter. I was pulled away from trying to prank Josh by my mother, dressed like Umbridge mind you, only to come face to face with the chest of a monster. Blackletter's fucking warrior is my mate!'

Illyria frowned as she read her mother's words, confused.

'The same son-of-a-bitch that nearly drowned me last summer. You remember that, don't you dearest diary? The fucking idiot that got so angry at Josh that he shifted and I ended up in the lake with my bootlaces stuck on a rock. Yeah, I know he didn't push me, but if he had any impulse control maybe he wouldn't have shifted and I wouldn't have nearly fucking drowned. I'll also acknowledge that he pulled me out of the water, but only after three minutes and after I'd already passed out. Let's not forget in the hospital that day when he basically punched my brother, or at diner that night when he poured his beer over my head. Fuck, why did I get stuck with him?'

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