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Rose's hesitant gasps are heard as she steps onto the railing. Jack's hands tightened around her waist, supporting her as the railing hooks between the heels of her shoes. She feels Jack's chest pushing into her back as he comes to stand on the railing behind her. "Hold on," Jack says, his voice carefree as the wind runs through his hair, "keep your eyes closed." Rose lets out a hesitant laugh, closing her eyes as Jack cheek nearly touches her own. With the wind rushing around her face and the soothing tone of the sunkissed waves rushing, crashing onto the hull of the ship surrounds them.

The orchestras' version of Celine Dion's 'My Heart will go on' hits a lower note as Jack leans in and asks, "do you trust me?"

"I trust you," Rose responds, her eyes tightly shut as her skirt rustles. Jack's hand moves, clutching hers as he moves it from the bar and then removes the other hand, stretching them out in the air to their sides. Rose moves her head, her eyes still shut, but returns to face the horizon and takes a steadying breath. Jack just gazes at her with admiration, with love. His hands move to her waist as he leans in to her ear, "open your eyes," tentatively Rose does, gasping at the sight before her. "I'm flying," she calls out in awe, her eyes drinking in the beautiful view before her. "Jack."

The camera pans as Jack locks his fingers into hers and rests his head on her shoulder, the orchestral version of 'My Heart Will Go On' becomes louder as the views of the two lovers, the ship and the wate-

"I can't," Jess cries, pausing the movie right on the moment that Jack's eyes move to look at Rose lovingly. "and she doesn't even notice!" Illyria calls out, her voice hoarse from tears cried out, and muffled from her knees that are pulled into her chest. Jess sobs, wiping tears from her eyes and looking at Illyria. "Can you go get ice cream please?" she holds up another empty carton of Cookie Dough ice cream, the sixth of their movie binge. Illyria nods, letting her legs fall over the side of the bed and redoing her messy bun tighter, preparing to brave the noiselessness of the Pack House at four a.m.

Illyria limped to her bedroom door, one foot attacked by pins and needles while the other one simply numb and heavy. Illyria closed her bedroom door slightly, leaving only a thin crack of light to flood the hallway as she descended the staircase.

Absorbed in her thoughts the journey to the kitchen was short, and the presence in the kitchen unnoticed once she arrived. Illyria wiped her cheek when a stray tear fell at the thought of the ending to Titanic, maybe it was better that way. There was no reason for them to divorce once they got back to land and got married, no reason for any fights, and Rose could just live the rest of her life with happy memories, if not slightly sad ones. Atleast Rose knew that he truly loved-

"Illyria, are you going to just stand infront of the fridge or are you actually going to get something?"

Illyria jumped, feeling like a bucket of ice cold water was dumped over her head; she was shocked awake. "T-tris, shit," She calmed down slightly and took hold of a dish towel and whipped him with it. "Don't ever do that to me again, you nearly stopped my heart." Tristyn eye'd her like she was prey, and he the predator. His eyes calculating, but intrigued, and... loving?

"We can't have that now, could we?" He spoke, his voice smooth and deep. Illyria felt like her insides were on fire. Screw butterflies, there were fucking bunnies. Maybe Kangaroos. Springbokke? She didn't know; huge things that jump, we'll leave it at that.

Illyria tensed as the heat rushed into her cheeks, her brain had obviously stopped working when he made his presense known; and she was too emotionaly exhausted to pretend like she didn't need his presense. She did. She craved it like an addict craved their drug of choice.

Illyria turned to face the fridge once more but hands on her waist ripped her away from it, pulling her into a hard chest. Heat emanated from them both, their breaths loud and their eye contact electrifying. Her heart had either stopped working altogether, or was beating too fast for individual beats to be identified.

"Do I make you nervous, little one?" Tristyn whispered, using a nickname from their childhood. Illyria gulped, nodding slightly. She was a deer caught in headlights. Tristyn leaned down to Illyria's ear, but began to place a trail of kisses from the crook of her neck to her cheek, and once he reached her lips he devoured them with a hungry vengance. He was a man starved.

Illyria felt herself swoon, her legs wavered as she fell into his chest, his arms tightening around her waist. His kisses became slower, longer, and Illyria felt herself kissing back stronger, biting his lip in a frenzy. What even was breathing? A biological process of respiration? Well fuck biology; as Illyria and Tristyn found out, they didn't need air. They only needed eachother.

Illyria's hands tightened around Tristyn's biceps and she pulled away from the kiss, more confused than she ever was before. "Oh Tristyn," She breathed out in a whisper, letting her head fall so that her forehead was resting on his chest. Tears pricked at her eyes as Tristyn began run his fingers through the wisps of hair at the nape of her neck.

Illyria pulled back, wiping tears from her cheeks with her thumb and looking up at Tristyn. He was always her best friend, and she could see that he was attractive, but then the mate bond happened and now it was like she was looking at him with a fresh pair of eyes. He was still the same guy that she grew up with, but now she noticed the little things.

The small crowsfeet in the corners of his eyes that danced when he smiled, the dimple in his left cheek that doesn't really go away, ever. The way his blond hair flops over his forehead and almost into his eyes. How he towers over her at six feet and six inches, how broad his shoulders are. The scar just above his collarbone from when he first hunted a rogue with Alpha Nick.

"I need-" she breathed, trying to steady her voice, "I need to go Tris, I'll see you later." She was half way out the kitchen door before Tristyn grabbed her wrist and pulled her back into the kitchen. "Are you rejecting me?" Tristyn asked, his voice soft as his eyes looked at her sadly. Illyria felt a sob build in her chest. "Me reject you?" She whispered, tears now falling steadily as she looked up at him incredulously. "Tristyn, you basically rejected me the second I found you. You looked straight at me and then just walked away."

Tristyn sucked in a sharp breath, grimacing as he realised how much pain he had caused her. They truly always were able to read eachother like Children's books. Illyria stepped away from him and leaned against the counter, running one hand over her face as she felt his emotional pain engulf her. "Illyria," Tristyn said, stepping towards her. She looked up at him with sad eyes. He placed his hands on her waist and lifted her to sit on the counter. He then moved to stand between her legs. The height difference was still large but Illyria found that she didn't have to angle her neck too far back to meet his eyes.

"I never meant-" Tristyn started and then stopped, "It wasn't-" He growled as he stopped again, running his hand through his hair as he stepped backwards. Illyria grabbed his elbow and dragged him back to where he was standing before. She took her hand and placed it on his chin, pulling him to face her. "Tristyn, just talk. Ramble, whatever. You just gotta tell me where we're at." Tristyn opened his mouth as though to disagree but Illyria shushed him with a glare. Though they hadn't spoken for a few weeks, and things were strained between them, their friendship was too strong for them to just forget it. Especially in situations like these, where they knew eachother so well.

"Illyria I told you I didn't want to be friends with you because of your mate, and it was the most difficult thing I've ever had to do, and then I woke up on your birthday hating myself, and hating you, but it was hard, and then I wanted to find you, just to apologise but my parents caught me and I found out about the Lycan thing and then I saw you and I just shut down. I didn't even realise that you were my mate when I saw you because I had shut my wolf out incase I got too angry to try and shift. And then at the party I saw you, but I wasn't sure. I thought I was delusional and, fuck." Tristyn stepped back again and started to lean on the opposite counter. "What do you want me to say, Il?"

Illyria swallowed, her eyes now looking at the floor. She shuffled off of the counter, and nodded at Tristyn once before walking to the kitchen door, pausing before she opened it. The night was silent and the only thing that could be heard was their breathing.

In a small voice Illyria whispered, "I just wanted to understand," and then she left. 

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