Chapter | 26

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Warning: :) Bipolar chapter

"NO, HAHAHAHAHA! I can't—! I can't belie—HUEEHUEE—they named you—HUEHUE! ... fúcking Oreo!"

While Seraphine lays dying in Ryūji's bed after one of their many after-séx talks, the Prince sat there naked and emotionless after the pillowtalk was ruined when Ryūji confessed about his adoption. His mom named him Oreo after his fur color and his father's name.

"Are you done?" Ryūji deadpans at the wheezing Seraphine, who is rolling his eyes back and cackling like a banshee. No, he is not done having a seizure on the bed.

"They gave a child a dog's name, probably because your face looks like a dog!"

"My mom didn't know I was a shifter yet!" Ryūji huffed.

"And your mom still tried to keep the name after! Face it, you're no Ryūji!" Seraphine screeched, "You're a panda cookie!"

Ryūji looks dead inside as he keeps getting made fun of, but still pats Seraphine's back when he choked on his own laughter. "Acckk—!"

"Now, stop."

"No, if I shoved a broom in your áss you'd be a stuffed Oreo! You're not even Asian, you're an all-stuff Oreo! Cookies and cream motherfú—huehuehuehue!"

Ryūji is not laughing, but the corner of his lips is tugged upwards because he's never witnessed Seraphine crack up like this before.

"Who the fúck names their kid Oreo—KKHHKHKH!"

"Hey, my mom is very sweet," Ryūji had enough and restrained Seraphine's wrist, but he was too happy and wheezing to care. Ryūji can't bring himself to stop him from laughing, but he's really embarrassed. "It's a cute name!"

"Cute for a dog! Proves you're momma's little bítch boy—" Seraphine wheezed again, so Ryūji pins him against the bed and hovers over him.

"Stop, or you're gonna be double stuffed when I stuff your mouth."

Oh shít, why does a serious Oreo look so hot? But even calling him Oreo in his head, Seraphine can't help but laugh with a closed mouth, spitting a little bit on the Prince. "YOU CAN'T INTIMIDATE ME, YOUR NAME IS OREO—!"

To shut the bítch up, Ryūji shoved his tongue into Seraphine's mouth to tie it up. It wasn't the kiss that stopped Seraphine from laughing, it was the butterflies in his stomach that was amplified by his back arching and pressing himself onto Ryūji. Finally, Seraphine was being overpowered, but it's not such a bad feeling.

Ryūji pulls away onto to glare at him. "Stop making fun of me, or else."

Seraphine's heart is overwhelmed by the wolf-like state of Ryūji's blue eyes. They look like they're staking a claim on him, and with his wrists pinned and naked body trapped on the bed, it looks like he is Ryūji's for the taking.

He's so hot when he's angry. So he gives the Prince a sultry whisper: "Oreo gonna kiss me, or what?"

A nerve just snapped, and Ryūji angrily smacks his lips at the sadistic brat. "You asked for it."

With that, Ryūji made him scream by tickling him so Seraphine's mouth had to be covered. At least his hands are now free to attempt to defend himself. "MFHHH! NN-fhh! Stupid shifter—mmmfhh!"

Ryūji uncovered his mouth to point a finger at him threateningly, "Talk shít about my mom one more time and I'll have you calling me daddy..."

Seraphine's breath hitched as his hands are pressed against Ryūji's shoulder and arm. He couldn't talk back as his tongue got tied because of how fast his heart is beating. On the other hand, Ryūji's eyes trails down to Seraphine's lips where the pair has him tied down for some reason.

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