Your Personal ASMR (SFW)

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Your husband was a famous youtuber (he's a boyfriend asmrtist).

As you were waiting for him to finish editing, you plugged in your earphones and started listening to one of his videos on "asmrs for sleepless nights".

'Ugh he's literally in the other room. I could just ask him to do this for me.' You thought, wrapping yourself up with a big blanket like a burrito.

You loved his audios.

It was so realistic; how the sound of the rain feels like it's just outside, how his voice was so close that it feels like he's just right next to you, whispering into your ear.

You didn't notice the big arms wrapping around your blanket burrito from behind as you were too engrossed with listening to his amazing audios.

"Hey, darling." You heard him say.

Your body shivered as it felt so real.

It was as if he was hugging you.

The feeling of something taking off one of your earphones startled you.

"Gah! You scared me!" You whisper-shouted, turning just your head to him.

"Haha... I'm sorry. What are you watching?" He kissed your cheek as he took off the other earphone, making him turn your burrito-ed self fully to him.

"Hey cutie~" He teased as he peppered your face with kisses.

"You look so cute, my baby burrito. Makes me wanna eat you out. I mean, up." He chuckled, not actually meaning his mistake (but you don't know that).

"Well, this is because my husband isn't here hugging me. Maybe I should've just married this blanket you know." You playfully rolled your eyes as you laughed.

"Aww.. but is this blanket handsome? Can it kiss you? Can it make you sleep with its voice? No it cannot." He said while scratching your head.

"Come baby. Lay on my chest. It's time for your VIP audio from me." He said as he cuddled you and started talking about his day, a routine he usually does to make you fall asleep since you told him that you found his voice very calming.

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