60 Kisses (SFW)

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Your boyfriend loved playing the Rubik's cube.

You loved it when he played because he'd let you scramble it and he'd then give you a kiss for every second that took to make him finish.

"Annnd, done! How much time was that?" Your boyfriend smiled, showing you the solved Rubik's cube.

"1 minute so.. 60 kisses!" You exclaimed, showing him the timer.

"Alright, alright. Where do you want it, pretty?" Your boyfriend said, caressing your hair.

You showed him all the spots where you wanted a kiss and he gladly gave you every single one of your 60 kisses from him.

You then started shuffling the cube while he happily stared at you.

What you didn't know was that he can actually solve a Rubik's cube in under 10 seconds.

That he'd purposefully go slower to buy more time so that he could give you more kisses.

But that was something that you didn't have to know.

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