A Normal Day in the Life of Percy Jackson

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Chapter 36

Harry Potter pursed his lips as he looked down at his Defense Against the Dark Arts quiz.

This quiz was hopeless. He had studied for hours last night but he could not figure out what to write down. The quiz was all fill in the blank and Harry was sure that he was going to fail.

Ron sat next to him in the dark classroom. Harry glanced at him and Ron made a face of complete disgust and confusion and Harry nodded. He was having a hard enough time reading the quiz itself without the extra darkness of the closed windows. The candles that lit the room were hardly a help and Harry was sure that Snape had it that way so that it was more difficult for his students.

Harry sighed and skipped yet another question that he didn't know the answer to. Each time he did so he told himself that he would come back to it when he finished the quiz woven though he knew that he would not be any closer to answering the questions by the end.

Only a few minutes left. Then the class would end and Harry would be free. He could see Hermione working on homework a few chairs away. She had already finished her quiz. Harry was almost positive that she had memorized the entire text book.

Harry shook his head and tried to focus.


Harry walked down the hall trying to be as quiet as possible. The soft fabric of his invisibility cloak was all around him as he tailed Malfoy.

The blonde haired tyrant of the Slytherin house was walking warily towards an uncertain destination. Harry knew that Malfoy had a free period during that time and he was definitely up to something.

He has to be doing something! Harry screamed to himself as he followed. The Slytherin boy had spent the entire first part of the period in the library. Malfoy had been trying to find his way into the restricted section without permission and was quickly scolded and thrown into the hallway.

Currently, Malfoy was standing at one of the intersections of the hall ways. Harry waited patiently until Malfoy continued walking. He had chosen the left hall and entered the stair way. They began down one set of stairs-

Harry cursed, they were headed to the dungeons. Malfoy was heading back to the Slytherin Common Room. After shaking his head at yet another lost period, Harry began his trek back to the meeting point. He couldn't believe that he had waited all that time.


"That test was awful," Ron complained as he and Harry walked back towards the Common Room. The rest of the class had left and were fleeing in all directions as if to get as far away from the horrible quiz as possible.

"It was a quiz thankfully," Harry said in the same somber voice.

"Quiz, test," Ron raised his hands in the air as if to wipe the words away, "I even studied last night!" Ron said, "But no, it didn't help one bit." Harry shook his head in agreement. Harry thought about where they were going. He had to loose Ron.

"I just remembered that I need to get something from Professor McGonagall, Ill meet you later," Harry said to Ron turning the next corner.

"Alright, have fun," Ron said as he continued on without him mumbling something about studying was pointless. Meanwhile, Harry readjusted his glasses as he walked quickly towards his destination.


"Five minutes late," Harry said leaning against the cold stone wall as Harry walked up. The other Harry grinned.

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