Cabin 5 {Chapter 5}

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"Fourth times a charm?" I said hopefully. Jason looked at me, thanking me silently. I held my breath. Jason turned the key again.

RRRR rattle rattle RRRR rattle rattle CLUNK.

"That doesn't sound right." Rob muttered. Now it was Jason's turn to snort.

The car jerked. Rob laughed. Jason harrumphed. He turned the key again.

RRRR rattle rattle RRRR rattle rattle VROOOOOOOOM...

The engine came to life.

"Yes!" Jason exclaimed.

"Finally..." Rob said.

And then we were off.


Jason easily found the road, assuming he'd probably driven across it many times before. Before I began to wonder about where we were headed, I turned to Jason.

"No radio?" I asked, gesturing to the beat up, dented antenna on the front of the jeep. Jason grinned at me. He shook his head 'No.' I was disappointed, but before I could say anything, Jason spoke.

"But there is a CD player!" He shouted. He turned a lever to the right and jammed his finger onto a button. "Kungfu Fighting" by Carl Douglas was blasting.

"Everybody was Kungfu Fighting!" Everyone in the car shouted.

"Hiya!" Esther exclaimed.

"Those cats were fast as lightning! In fact it was a little bit frightening... But they fought with expert timing! There were funky China men, from funky Chinatown... They were chopping them up, they were chopping them down."

"It's an ancient Chinese art, and everybody knew their part... From a feinting to a slip, and a kicking from the hip!"

"Everybody was Kungfu Fighting!" 

"Hah!" Jason shouted, punching the air. I slapped his arm.

"Keep your hands on the wheel!" I said while everyone else sang. He nodded, sticking his tongue out at me.

"In fact it was a little bit frightening.  Hey, yeah. But they fought with expert timing. There was funky Billy Chin, and little Sammy Chung... He said, 'Here comes the big boss!' Huah, Hiyah, Ha! 'Let's get it on.' We took a bow and made a stand. Started swaying with the hand."

"A sudden motion made me skip. Now we're into a brand new trip!"

We sang until the song finished. When it did, Jason turned off the CD player and everyone was breathing heavily from belting out the lyrics. Jason pulled our raggedy jeep into the parking lot of a car dealership. He drove easily into a parking space and shut off the car's engine. I looked at Jason.

"Are we gonna get rid of this hunk of junk and get a sports car?" I asked, jumping up and down. Jason smiled at me and winked. I squealed and hopped out of the car.


Everyone else appeared next to me. I figured, if they couldn't at least unbuckle their seatbelts and climb out of the car like I did, then it was time for me to have a little bit of fun.

"What are you guys doing?!" I exclaimed, pretending to be shocked. They sure looked shocked now.

"Aaaaah!! Help!" I shrieked before dashing off, running through a maze of cars. I ducked under a truck with particularly large wheels and hid. I heard my name being called. They were vampires! Couldn't they smell me? I picked up a big rock and peeked out from under the car long enough to see where I was aiming before throwing it. It landed on a bunch of empty soda bottles. The glass broke and all of the vampires appeared next to it.

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