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Cabin 5 {Chapter 5}

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-=-=- CHAPTER 5 -=-=-

Jason and Robert had to work together to pull open the window of Cabin 5 so I could get out. After their foreheads were beading with sweat, Amanda casually mentioned there was a clutch holding the window closed from the outside. Jason could have killed her, then and there. He mumbled something in a foreign language, but I could have sworn it was a bad word.


Jason appeared outside. He waved to me. I smiled. He pulled the clutch and the window flew open.


Daysi, Esther, Amanda, and Rob all appeared outside. I felt like I was extra. I felt like baggage. I climbed out of the window headfirst and would have fallen if Jason hadn't stuck out his arm to cushion my fall.

"Thanks a bunch." I sighed. Jason nodded.

"Anytime." Everyone started walking to the left so I followed them. As soon as I felt the brisk wind, I wished I had worn something warmer. Jason noticed me shiver.

POOF. He disappeared. I looked around for him, puzzled. He appeared again, holding a dark blue hoodie. I gratefully slipped it on and zipped it up. He smiled and walked ahead. I looked around at my surroundings. I saw the lake that was visible from Cabin 5's window along with a few small ponds, trees, and lots of short green grass.

There was a large building that read 'ADMISSIONS,' and smaller one that said 'PET STORE.' Panning out around them were fifteen cabins. Surprisingly, Cabin 5 was the biggest. Huh. That's odd. Another odd thing was that there were no vampires or humans walking around. None at all. I looked up at the sky and I saw the reason we were leaving. The giant threatening funnel cloud. It looked incredibly powerful.

I jogged to catch up with Jason.

"So..." I said casually. "Where are we going?" Jason smiled.

"You'll see."

After a couple minutes of walking silently, I noticed a black jeep up ahead. I hoped we were going to ride in it.

'Please, please, please let us ride in that jeep!' I prayed in my head.

As we got closer to it, I changed my mind.

'Please, please, please let us walk past it!' I prayed desperately. No such luck. Jason pulled out a simple copper key for the jeep. Here's why I didn't want to ride in it: Rust was covering three fourths of it, the doors were hanging off their hinges, there were no windows, and, worst of all, the leather seats were torn up and grimy! I mean, the seats looked like lions scratched them up!

As everyone else neared the jeep, I hung back. Jason obviously noticed and he turned around. He looked at me, tilting his head slightly to the side. Jason walked over to me and pulled me into a hug.

"Don't worry, we're not spending much time in this car." I began walking over to the jeep and I saw Esther, Amanda, Daysi, and Rob hesitantly climb into the back seat. They closed the door (Surprisingly it didn't collapse!) and buckled up their torn, grey seatbelts. Esther crinkled her nose.

"This... car-like thing you ride in smells funny." She said matter-of-factly. Jason stuck his tongue out at her. I climbed into the passenger seat and lightly closed the door, making sure it wouldn't fall right off of its hinge.

Jason stuck the key in the ignition and turned it sharply. The motor growled but the car didn't start. Jason tried again but to no avail.

"Dude, you need a car makeover." Rob snorted. "Seriously." Jason shook his head in shame as the motor growled again.

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