Chapter 3 - Back to Hell

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I never thought I would get this far. Get as far as coming back to the pack I tried to run away from in the first place. Part of me was thinking about jumping out the car and just running away again.

I couldn't do it.

I don't want to face my family again. Or him. The one who rejected me without giving me a chance. It hurts but I know there is no turning back now. I'm already outside the pack house with these werewolves at my side who brought me back.

I try my best to keep my expression blank as we make our way inside the pack house. His scent is strong. So strong my wolf is crying inside and tears threaten to spill from my eyes. I blink them away as I look at the floor and stand at the back, trying to not be seen.

"Welcome to my land Alpha Parker. I'm Alpha Greene." Alpha Greene stands in front of the most elite families of the pack. My old classmates - my bullies - with them as if they aren't rotten and tainted in black.

"Yes, we talked on the phone."

My heart keeps on pounding, pounding so hard a few pack members in front of me turn back to glance. I keep my eyes on the floor, partly afraid they will see the history behind my gaze.

"Are you okay?"

I jump and place a hand on my heart, staring at Jeremy in disbelief. For a moment, he looks regretful but a grin appears on his face.

"What?" His grin seems to get bigger. In other circumstances, I'd find grins somewhat creepy but Jeremy's grin is too cheerful and just... cute.

"I'm fine," I clear my throat and decide on glaring in case he caught me staring at his lips for too long. He chuckles and leans down until his breath hits my ear, "Then why are you shaking?" He leans back and I follow his gaze to my clasped hands. Even though my hands are grasped tightly together, they are shaking and sweating. Thought after thought crosses my mind but there is not one that I want to mention where others can hear.

"I'm cold."

"It's summer."

"My body can't tell."

He narrows his eyes. I narrow them back. He quirks an eyebrow, I quirk mine. A soft expression crosses his face but I find myself unable to copy it as my mate's smell becomes more prominent in the pack house. A door opens and it fills my nostrils, telling me he is in the same room as me.

Jeremy clears his throat as he scratches the back of his head, "Would you... like my jacket?"

Thinking I misheard I ask, "What?" My mind should probably be focused on how nervous and shy he looks but instead it focuses on why he would have a jacket in the summer, one of the hottest of days for that matter.

"You said you're cold. There are some in the car, I can... bring it for you?"

It's beating. It's a slow beat but my heart seems to be growing warmer. "No, I'm fine." Eyes gaze at my back and I feel awkward and ashamed. Why is this mate thing so wrong? Why must I feel ashamed for something as little as this? I'm just talking to a guy, a guy who isn't my mate but it's not my fault. Why should I suffer for the mistake of another?

"Look at these two lovebirds. Didn't think you would work this fast my brother." Megan whispers mischievously as she stands in front of us with her back to the exchanges of the Alpha's. Is she really saying that? I was not aware it looked like that. I feel a little flutter in my shame and hurt-filled heart.

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