Chapter 2 (Dans p.o.v.)

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Dan finally got to work and sighed knowing today was going to be a bad day. He walked into the back and clocked himself in. Then he walked out taking peoples orders. It wasn't that busy as he thought it would be. Dan thought as he sat down at one of the tables to take a breather. He stood back up as he was bored and started cleaning tables. After taking the dishes back to get them washed he came back out. He saw he had a table. He walked over to it. "Hi guys my name is Dan, i'll be your server today. Can I get you drinks to start?" "Umm yes can we all get waters please?" Dan nodded and smiled as he gave them menus to look through. He got three waters and gave them their drinks. "Ready to order?" Dan said as he smiled. They all nodded and gave Dan their order.
The little bell rang letting Dan know the food was done. He put them all on a tray and walked out of the kitchen with it. Than all of a sudden he tripped making the food fly everywhere. Dan blushed out of embarrassment and started cleaning up. The manager came out and yelled at Dan for being so clumsy. At this point Dan started to cry silently and quickly wiped his tears away. He faked a smile to the rest of the costumers he had to wait on.

I am sooo sorry for the really short chapters. I promise they will get longer. /.\

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