This isn't a FAIRY TALE.

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The front door slammed and by that I could was the end of me.

"Aliza! Where the hell are you sitting you little prick?" his voice echoed in the house.

His voice.

The one thing I would never want to hear again. The one thing that I wish disappeared ...along with him.

He is supposed to be my "father" but...what the hell? He isn't my father if he manages to bash me up everyday for something I haven't done. For something that isn't my fault. For my mother's death.

But the truth is, he was responsible for it. He was responsible for my mother's death. He made her slip into depression. He made her drown in sorrow of being cheated on. He made her so miserable that alcohol was the only thing left that could comfort her. He KILLED her.

And he knew it! He sure as hell knew it . That is what made him so guilty. That guilt made him an animal. An animal who would beat up his daughter for no good reason everyday till she passes out.

I couldn't afford to stand in front of him and let him beat me up everyday. I just couldn't. I've had enough of this man. So I ran. I ran to my room and locked it. I knew he had heard my footsteps that lead me in my room. And I knew he would definitely follow me there and he did.

"Open the damn door, Aliza!" I heard him scream as he banged on my door as loud as he possibly could.

I whispered and slowly sat leaning against my wall. What can I do to escape this? How can I escape this?

He was still banging the door frantically.

"I know you skipped school today as well! I know it and you will have to pay fot it!" he screeched but that didn't bother me.

How could I go to school, you idiot? You gave me a new bruise and new cut everyday! How was I supposed to hide that? I couldn't hide any of those.

This is it.

My eyes flickered through the room scanning all the things I could do to save myself. I decided I will just jump out from the window in the room. That is probably the only thing that can save me. But I couldn't just take that leap? Or could I?

I pulled out the sheets from the bed when I heard him again "If you don't open this door I will bloody break it" he said anger evident in his voice.

I tied it to the handle of the closet that was stuck to the wall right where the window was.

Just then, I heard a loud noise and there he was standing, staring at me, making me tremble in terror.

"What do think you are doing?" he spat in his poisonous voice, pulling me by my hair to where he stood.

"Leave me!" I dared to mouth, he pulled my hair even hard this time. Taking my arm in his other hand and digging his nails deep in my skin.

"What did you say? Did you just speak? In front of me! How dare you?" he said and the next thing I know, his hand lands right on my cheeks, burning because of the pain making me land on the cold hard ground, knocking the table lamp along with me.

Next thing I know; he practically jumps on me, punching me straight in the stomach uncountable times as I cry and scream loudly in pain. Tears making my vision blurry.

"Stop!" I screeched even louder this time and that is when my eyes went on the table lamp that lay on the ground, lifeless.

Just like me.

He tried to pick me up by my hair again this time but my hands reached out for the lamp and I smacked him right on the head and his unconscious body fell on me. I pushed it aside scared that I might have just killed him. I feel his pulse, relax myself after realising he isn't dead. Though I wished he was...

I walk over to my closet to which I tied the sheet. I grab a bag and stuff all my clothes in it and take my table from the bed and my mother's photograph from the table and everything I possibly can to escape! Out of this hellhole and never return. Never.

I didn't really plan on doing this but now that I have a chance,why not?

I run towards the window and throw out all the stuff I'm carrying and grab the sheet throwing it out of the window assuring my rather safe landing. I take the sheet and just as I'm about to jump out I feel someone's hands on my ankle. And I know who it is. I turn around to see his dark eyes shooting daggers at me, blood flowing from his head. Just when my "father" is about to stand I kick him right in the face. I don't wait to see what happened to him and just jump about grabbing my backpack and running. Without any place in mind, without any direction , just running for my life.

The street was very quiet because it was almost past midnight.

I had to do this, get to some place but my legs were giving up. I can't catch my breath properly. My insides are burning of the excruciating pain I feel right now. I don't know which way to go now? I just stand there in the middle of the road breathing loudly. I want to scream for help but I'm scared that if he's following me ,he will find me. Suddenly everything just starts spinning round and round and I feel a lot of pressure on my eyelids making them shut and the last thing I see is a flash of light and I fall down on the ground with a loud noise that my head after it comes in contact with the rough road.

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