~Chapter 4 ~ A Little too hot.

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Don't read this chapter if you're sensitive against detailed pervyness or smut

Or if your under 12-13 years old!

Kakashi blush hard and swallow when he realize what he just did and look at Sakura with pain. T-that was maybe not the right thing too do, but he just couldn't stop himself.

"I-im so sorry..." he mumble and swallow and harden his jaw with his mask still on. Althought he kissed her with his mask still on it felt real.

Sakura harden her fist and look down.

"Why did you do that?.." she asks confused and shakingly. Kakashi look at her a little worried and lean against the wall.

"I-i don't know" he says obviously lying, Sakura take up her fist and punch beside Kakashis head and scream.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT!?" she says and scream at him, Kakashi gaze at her suprised.


"SAY IT" She screams and look at Kakashi scary and determined, Kakashi meet her eyes.

"F-fine!...Bc i like you Sakura..." He says anxious and fall down on the floor emberresed. Sakuras fist hangs down beside her hips.

"L-like me..." She mumble and lean against the wall and put her arms around her like she's freezing, is she cold? Kakashi look at her emberresed and stand up.

"Are you cold?" he says and lean in closer to her as he blush, she look at him with her big green eyes and cheeky red cheeks. She looks so gorgeous...he thinks to himself and smile a little.

"W-why are you smiling like that?" she mumble and he smiles even more of how cute that was. He place his hands on her hips and lean in closer so their hips touch.

"W-what are you doing?" Sakura says nervously when kakashis hands lean down caressing her hips and waist.

"Don't worry..." He whisper in her ear and grin, Sakura look at him with big eyes and it looks like she's trying to say something. Kakashi reach with his hands to the end of his mask and pull it down, Sakura just look at him schocked, and his lips...this is the first time she sees them. They look so kissable and so good. She shake her head to clear away her thoughts.

"I always wanted to kiss your beautiful forehead" he says and take away sakuras hair gently with his fingers and lean in and put a gently kiss on her forehead. Her heart jumps a little when she feel his bare lips without his mask on her forehead. He take his hand on her chin and make her to look at him.

"S-sensei.." she whispers quietly, he smile and kiss her lips hard and take his manly hands in her hair and look at her. Kakashi take his hands down to her hips and begin to pull up her shirt a little feeling her bare stomach and the edge of her bra.

"W-whaa" she shutter barely sounding and become nervous as he touch her, what is he thinking? Liking her? What? He's her sensei...althought he's a very handsome sensei...and she maybe have had some imaginastions about him and her, but...liking her? She shallow hard. Maybe not just s-some imaginations...to be honest everyday, her daydreams get interrupted when kakashi pin her up more against the wall and force her legs around his waist.

Kakashi look at her and grin cocky and kiss her neck and suck on her collarbone as she gasps a little of suprise. He take his fingers at pull up her shirt again and take it off her.
"N-no...i-i" she mumble when she's just in her bra and look emberresed.
"Sakura...you're so beautiful" he says and look into his eyes and go down to kiss her around her chest and collorbone. He make his kisses further down between her breasts and on her bra, he look up at her pink and green eyes that look down at him nervously, so cute...
He take his hands around her and take of her bra gently and toss it down the wooden floor. Sakura move her body and whimper and take a few step away to the right, blushing hard, no...this is to emberresing...why does she get this nervous...

Kakashi grin a little and catch her with his hand around her waist and pull her back against the wall.
"You're not going to back out now." he says and bite his lip and take his hands on her breasts.

Sakura look down shocked and whimper.
"My breast...a-are not.." she says when his hands are touching her boobs and her heart pounds hard and fast. What's happening!

"They're perfect, Sakura." He says and kiss her lips as he squeeze her breast.


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