2 Fading Zen

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Louis woke up to his alarm at 7:00 the next morning. He turned it off and set his phone back down. The sun was only starting to rise, and his glow in the dark stars still stood out on his ceiling. The colorful glow in the dark paint splattered all over his walls mocked him.

I really need to repaint my room. It's been 3 fucking years.

He looked over to Gary. Gary seemed to be content and sleepy in his tank. The UV light above his aquarium made him look glow in the dark as well, and it seemed that he chose to go for a pinkish-white color today.

"Gary, you're so badass. Only you could make pink look hardcore."

Gary didn't acknowledge him.

Louis sighed and picked up his phone. He pulled up his notes and calendar and mentally prepared for the day.


He made his way to the grocery store first to pick up the necessary drinks, then headed towards the spa to get started on the opening chores.

He smiled as he walked through the threshold and got to work.

8:30 and the estheticians, massage therapists, and receptionist started coming through the door getting ready for their days. There were almost 20 people total working at the spa. Louis looked around with pride as his employees all arrived with happy demeanors, and a good work ethic.

He decided he definitely would have to do something nice for them soon before the holiday season came up and they all would have crazy schedules.

He's been at Serenity for two years now, and most of the crew had been here longer than Louis. When the management position opened up six months ago, he immediately was nominated by all of his co-workers. They all looked up to Louis.

He felt it would work nicely into his life. He didn't have as large of a clientele as some of the others, so he wouldn't be as tied down. He definitely had enough experience and respect from employees and their clients to be able to transition into a management position smoothly.

He prepared a green tea, and walked up to the front desk to check on Kara. She was only hired a month ago after their previous receptionist eloped and fled town with a simple text to Louis that said 'Peace out bitch. You'll see me on the movie screens.'

Kara sat up straighter as she saw Louis approaching. "Morning Kara! How's it going?" He sat the tea down on her desk and motioned for her to drink it.

She smiled with fondness and admiration. Trying her very best to sound professional and enthusiastic she responded. "It's going very smoothly Mr. Tomlinson! It's a beautiful day out and we are all booked out. I suspect a prosperous quarterly report with how this month has been going."

Louis chuckled. She tried so hard to make a good impression. She was going to college for business and took her job very seriously. "I've told you dear, call me Louis. And yes, the spa has been doing very well this quarter. Would you be interested in staying back with me sometime in the next couple weeks and I can go over some of the account reports and inventory with you?"

Kara nearly jumped out of her seat. "Yes! Yes! I mean, yes Louis, it would be my greatest pleasure to accompany and shadow you for the duration of the filing of, er, the uh... Yeah, I'd really like that. Let me check my calendar and I'll let you know?"

"Very good love. Let me know if you need anything today." Louis walked away to make a tea for himself and head to his office.

He took care of most of the paperwork and floor operations in the mornings, had lunch at noon, then would typically spend his afternoons and evenings as a masseuse.

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