The End

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~3 years later~

"Son of a-" I cursed as I did my best to walk forward, gun in my hand. I was ready to shoot the fucker I was hunting. I peeked around the corner to see a man standing in front of Bigby, who was roped on to a chair. The man turned his head and my eyes widened at the black demon eyes. I put my gun away and took out the archangel blade. I slowly creeped up behind him and rolled my eyes at the cocky demon.

"Hey, bitch!" I said. The demon turned around and I stabbed him with the blade. I smiled as now the empty shell of a man fell to the ground. I looked at Bigby and smiled. However he didn't seem happy at all. I rolled my eyes and wobbled up to him. I started cutting the robes around him. When I got him free he stood up and turned to me, arms crossed over his chest.

"What do you think you're doing here?" His husky low voice said. He was frowning at me and looking me over for any wounds.

"Saving your ass." I deadpanned. I grinned up at him and gave him the angel blade he lost while fighting the demon. "It seems I'll have to train you more." He huffed and his glare darkened. Though, I knew he wouldn't harm me. I understand why he's so angry about me coming here. It wasn't the most ideal plan in my condition.

"You can't come outside, Lex. You might get hurt." I rolled my eyes at his protectiveness.

"A 'thanks for saving my ass' would be nice." I said mockingly. He sighed and kissed me gently, as if I was about to break.

"Let's go back to the apartment. I'll carry you. You already have it-"

"I'm pregnant, not dying." I said, playfully scowling. I rested my arms above my giant belly. Bigby wouldn't hear my complaints and just picked me up like I wasn't carrying more weight now. Two years after the Crooked Man incident, Bigby had moved in. One year passed and he asked me to marry him. Yes, the Big Bad Wolf asking a hunter to marry him. And of course I said yes. In the second year we married. A few months later we found out I was pregnant. There were some complications though. For example, he failed to mention that I might have a litter. That's the reason why I look like I've swallowed a small planet. Swineheart had ordered me to stay inside and don't walk too much. Unfortunately we had been having trouble with demons and monsters. Since I couldn't go out, Bigby took it on himself to go hunting. A sheriff he may be but he's a pup at hunting the supernatural. So that meant I had to go save his ass, meaning I had to go out and walk and put me and the cubs in danger. When we arrived back at our apartment we were met with an angry looking Aunty Greenleaf and Holly. Nerissa was standing next to them looking concerned.

"Where do you think you went off too?" Holly asked as soon as we were close enough.

"It's not my fault." I said while smiling sheepishly.

"Yeah sure." Greenleaf said. Bigby gave Nerissa the keys and she opened the door for us. She closed the door behind us while Bigby gently put me down on the couch.

"Are you alright, Lexy?" Nerissa asked when I started to groan in pain.

"Yes of course! It's just a party inside here." I said while patting my belly.

"Are you sure those aren't contractions?" Holly said while cautiously glancing at Bigby who was now intently listening.

"Fuck." I said as the pain died down. I looked at Bigby who was watching me with concerned puppy eyes. "Don't you have work?" I said.

"Like hell that I'm leaving you in this state." Bigby said. I smiled and held out my hand to him. He took my hand while putting his other softly on my large belly.

"I'll be fine. I have Greenleaf, Holly and Nerissa to help me." I said.

"We'll let you know if something happens." Nerissa said while smiling at us. Bigby looked reluctant but when I turned serious and lifted an eyebrow he nodded. He knew not to test my hormones. In those 9 months of pregnancy I pulled out my gun at least 50 times. A pregnant hunter is a pain in the ass. Certainly if she carries a gun.

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