Zayn Malik Imagine

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You've been Zayn's gf for 4 years now, and it seems that you'll never break up.

Still, when you realize you might be pregnant, you dont tell him bc you're scared he may leave you.

You wanna be sure that you are pregnant before taking decisions of any kind.

So one day while he's in the studio with the boys you leave the house you share with him and walk in town till you reach a chemist's.

You go inside and you are buying the pregnancy test when you hear a camera click and you turn to see a pap flashing you with the test in your right hand.

When you are able to see again you realize there are plenty of them outside the shop, taking pics of you. You cant contain your shame and you run out of the shop, but a pap blocks you and you shove him aside, while the others keep flashing.

A pap yells: "are you pregnant??" and you just hiss "its none of your business".

Seconds later another one asks: "y/n, is it Zayn's baby? Or is it someone else's??" you keep walking without answering.

How dare he, saying you betraied Zayn?

The pap you pushed is angry now, and shouts in rage: "i bet is someone else's. What did you expect from such a nasty little bitch?"

You stop and turn around, narrowing your eyes: "how did you call me?" you ask, your voice trembling with anger and offence.

"A nasty little bitch, cause that's all you are. Slut." he answers.

"Next time you wanna call me a slut, do it when Zayn's around! It would be great fun to see your head smashed to the ground. Idiot!" you yell, then you can't hold back tears and they start running freely down your tomato red cheeks.

You turn around and head back to your house, with paps chasing you, but you dont wanna waste your time with them and dont stop anymore until you lock your garden fence between you and the paps and you enter the house, shutting the door behind you.

You go to your bedroom and realize you forgot the pregnancy test on the shop's counter.

"FUCK!" you shout at the top of your lungs, throwing things and crying like a baby.

What a shitty day.

You eat quickly and go to bed, pretending to sleep when Zayn comes home later that night.

Next morning, you wake up to coffe and pancakes smell and television noise.

You find a tray next to the bed and you stuff yourself with food, sniffing and rubbing your puffy eyes.

You hope Zayn doesn't know about what happened the day before, but you find a piece of paper on the tray with a note on it: "Y/n, if you dont wanna talk about it, its okay. But if you do, im in the living room. I love you."

Of course he knows.

What did you expect?

You take a quick shower and get dressed, then head to the living room: now that he knows, you must talk to him.

You find him on the couch, watching the telly, but you are behind him and he doesn't see you.

You freeze when you realize what the telly is talking about: you.

Showing pics of you and your pregnancy test, of you out of the shop, crying, shouting, running away, locking your self in your house.

Then there's a video of the moment you turned around and yelled: "Next time you wanna call me a slut, do it when Zayn's around! It would be great fun to see your head smashed to the ground. Idiot!".

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