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Valerie's POV

I am having ambivalent feelings about what happened tonight. That doesn't stop me from smiling at the thought of seeing Fred.

Hugging my jacket to myself, I step down from the car and begin to walk towards his apartment.

Now that I think of it, I don't really know if Mother doesn't want to support my relationship with Fred because he is not as rich as the man they want me to be married to or because he is cheating on me.

Fred cheated only twice.

If Brenda doesn't have eyes for him, then maybe he wouldn't have cheated on me yet again. Brenda is a bitch and I am going to prove to her that she is nothing but a bitch.

Fred and I love each other. He loves me a lot and I feel the same way. He is a passionate and kind lover. He cares for and adores me.

The love I stopped receiving from home for years since we have been struggling to maintain our status, Fred was able to bring it back. He showed me so much love and I couldn't help but fall so deeply for him.

Fred didn't give up on me when I thought he would. I thought he was going to get tired of me but he didn't. He kept coming back. He kept loving me.

How then can I give up suddenly when this is what Brenda wants? She wants us to be apart so she can have him to herself.

I won't let that happen. Fred is mine.

The atmosphere is unusually quiet and it dawns on me that I must have spent a lot of time at the clubhouse thinking about everything before I decided to come here.

Well, I thought Fred would be there too but he wasn't. I didn't take any alcohol because I knew I was going to drive to his place if he didn't show up.

I need him. I need someone to talk to.

If he hadn't cheated on me with Brenda, she would have been the person I would go to, to confide in him but Brenda is no longer a friend. She is nothing but a betrayer.

I already miss our friendship but that doesn't mean I will accept her back as a friend.

I have been out of the house since noon when mother broke the news of my betrothal to me, expecting me to jump up in excitement for being betrothed to some fucking billionaire and rush to my room to get ready to meet him.

I am not a kid for God's sake. I am an adult. 

Why would she even think I would be excited about the news?

I step on the porch and take my hand out of the jacket pocket to knock on Fred's door. 

After knocking, I dip my hand back into the jacket, waiting.

There is no response and I wonder if he isn't home yet. He usually closes from work at 9 pm and this is 11 pm already. I was at the club from 8 pm waiting for him to show up. I left the club a little after 10 pm.

I remove my hand and knock again. I am met with silence.

I sigh deeply and take out my phone to give him a call. It rings for a while but he doesn't pick either.

Feeling sudden anger, I knock more loudly and aggressively on the door and it is thrown open immediately.

"Where the hell have you been? I've been…"

"Hey, babe", he is shirtless as he pulls me into a quick hug.

When he releases me from the hug, I raise a suspicious brow at him. I have been knocking for over five minutes and there was no reply. But after calling his phone and knocking again, he came to the door.

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