Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

The next day all I heard about was how Uncle Padfoot supposedly tried to kill Ron. I rolled my eyes at the thought. Why in Merlin's pants would Uncle Padfoot break out of Azkaban just to kill Ron? He doesn't even know Ron! Anyways, what was Uncle Padfoot doing in Gryffindor Tower if it wasn't to kill Ron? I gasped. Scabbers! Maybe Scabbers is Peter? I bit my bottom lip. That would explain why he hasn't been returning my letters. I sighed. I miss him. I thought as I walked out on the grounds. I wanted to go for a walk because everyone was so busy studying and I didn't want to bother anyone. I ended up sitting under a tree that was near the Black Lake. It was getting dark out, but I didn't care. I knew that Uncle Padfoot would never hurt me and I can always use the secret entrance ways to get back into Hogwarts if the gates close before I get inside. Just then something in a bush nearby moved. I looked up and saw nothing and frowned. "Uncle Padfoot, if that's you, stop scaring me." I muttered looking around in every direction. I hope it's not a Dementor.

Suddenly something pounced on me and was licking my face. I giggled. "I've missed you so much!" I said hugging Uncle Padfoot. He got off of me and turned back to his usual self.

"I've missed you too, Lizzie." He said pulling me into a hug. I hugged him back. "Thank you for the letters and I'm sorry for not responding to the last."

"It's okay Uncle Padfoot. Is Peter really alive?"

"So you came to that conclusion as well, huh?" I nodded as he let me go. "Yes, it's true. I noticed when I saw him in the Prophet with those red heads." I frowned.

"How could I not notice? He was right there the whole time for these last two years."

"Don't worry about it, okay?" I nodded, pouting a bit. "Good. You seem down, what's wrong?" He always knew when something was bothering me, just like Uncle Moony.

"Well, Ron, the one Peter was sitting on in that picture, we used to be together, but then one day, I kind of ate all of Hermione's stash of Chocolate Frogs, she's the one with bushy, brown hair. Anyways, I ended up pushing some girls in the lake and injuring some students..."

"What happened after that?" He asked anxiously.

"Well, Uncle Moony was disappointed in me and so I went to apologize to those in the Hospital Wing and then Ron walked up to me and started yelling at me and told me we weren't together anymore because I broke his little sister's arm. She forgave me, but that didn't seem to matter to Ron." I said sniffling at the end.

"But that's not what's bothering you, is it?" He pulled me into another hug.

"Well no, because I've gotten over that. There's nothing more that I can do. It's just he keeps ignoring me and glares at me and stuff and I don't like it. Sure I can understand him being upset about it, but it's been a week since that happened."

"Ah, so he's the thickheaded kind of guy, is he?" I nodded frowning.

"Yeah and anyways, I just want him to stop glaring at me. I can handle him ignoring me because people do it all the time, but I don't like being glared at for something that happened a week ago and besides, Madam Pomfrey healed her up in two seconds!" Tears were starting to trail down my cheeks.

"Have you talked to Moony about this?" I shook my head.

"No, he's been busy with his lessons and Snape isn't exactly helping as he's constantly keeping an eye on him and I don't want to talk about all this with Snape there." He wiped away some of the tears with his thumbs before kissing me on the forehead.

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