Soulmate AUs

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By tumblr user Let-gavin-free

Soulmate au where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker/whatever the hell you want, it will show up on your soul mates skin as well.

By tumblr user Pennedgalaxy

Based on the idea that the last words of your soul mate are tattooed on your skin.

Polyamorous tattoos.

Tattoos in sign language.
Pro-tattoo factions and anti-tattoo
factions. In my world/universe the pro-tattoo faction was called The Red String Foundation, the anti-tattoo faction was called The Broken Cord Coalition.

Reincarnation set in a soulmate tattoo universe. They keep dying before they can have a relationship.

Soulmates meet on the battlefield and one of the soldiers kills the other and then realises they were their soulmate.

Aromantics either have no words, or their soulmate is someone who is/would have been their best friend, it depends on the individual.

Museums showing the history of soulmate tattoos, caveman carvings with them in, ancient murals with them in, etc...

Teenagers using drugs together to have near death experiences to see if their partner is their soulmate.

Serial killers who kill people to see if they are 'the one'

By tumblr user Bornfreek7

(Linked to the one above)

so y'know that soulmate au where their first words are tattooed onto your skin?

have you ever wondered how the handwriting style is determined?

because it seems like it's always 'perfect cursive' or 'neat print' or 'stilted script.' it's automatically a matured style of writing.

but think about it; as you grow, even year by year, your handwriting changes so much.

so how about a soulmate au where their first words are tattooed in the handwriting style they have when they die?

like imagine getting your words and having them appear in a messy little second grader's script with wobbly letters and uneven words, and just realizing that your soulmate is going to die a child.

imagine what that would be like.

By tumblr user Deafhavvkeye

Soulmate AU where the date and time of your soulmate's death appears somewhere on your body and you don't know if your partner is the one until that moment.

By tumblr user Liikkua

a 'soulmate au' in which if you find a soulmate (of which there may be many, because frankly the idea of having one soulmate is fucking stupid) you're bonded to them- but the term soulmate doesn't just apply to romantic partners. it can be a friend, a mentor, even an enemy.
the bonding process isn't always immediate. it might take seconds, days, months, years for it to occur between two or more soulmates- but it can be manufactured. it can be forced, probably through some kind of magic or science or fUCK IT I DON'T CARE but basically non-natural-soulmate couples can use it to create a bond between themselves because fuck what fate or destiny or their brains say. (also good for all your toxic relationship needs, considering someone could be coerced into bonding themselves to someone they don't want to be bonded to).

touch may be an important part of the bond; it can cause involuntary emotional+physical reactions, blahblahblah, basically they fucking need it okay and not having it makes them feel like shit. in the case of positive-soulmates, the touches would be pleasant- but in the case of negative-soulmates, they might actually need to feel pain to make it go away

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