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Aries- always mad, fighting, rage, no chill, no emotion but fury
Taurus- never stops eating, has food stuffed in every orifice in case of the munchies
Gemini- never stops talking, super smart, huge gossiper, slightly crazy
Cancer- overprotective mom who cries every .4 seconds, forever runny, snotty nose from crying
Leo- overly cocky, egotistical asshole
Virgo- twitchy overachiever who dies if they get less than a 100 on a test
Libra- super cute and adorable, great at shopping, huge ass smile
Scorpio- murderous, emo sex addict
Sagittarius- crazier Gemini who does stupid dares in risk of dying
Capricorn- evil, stoic genius who works a shit ton
Aquarius- awkward, emotionally unstable, weird af
Pisces- cries a little less than cancer but is angelic and a sweetheart

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