Chapter 17

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(Your POV)

"CIELLLL!!!"You heard come from behind you.'Oh shiz she awake.'Your eye was twitching in annoyance and your father looked down at you."Y/N whats wrong?"Your father asked."Gee I dunno,maybe a certain 'friend' of mine is awake and im so happy."You said sarcasticly while crossing your armas and rolling your eyes."Y/N I only made you friends with her so you would stop bothering me."Your father said."STOP BOTHERING YOU!!"You yelled making everyone look at you."Im just messing with you."You father said chuckling."Oh....sorry for yelling."

~A little later~

You were doing the dishes in the second kitchen.You felt someone arms wrapp around your waist."Y/N~"You heard Ciel purr into your ear."C-Ciel...when did you get in here?"You asked blushing slightly.Ciel pushed your hair from the back of your neck and started kissing it."N_Not now C-Ciel,i have to have these done before my f-father gets home."You said blushing.Ciel still ignored you and continued.He soon turned you to face him then roughly kissed you.You started kissing back."Ciel?!"You heard Elizabeth shriek.You and Ciel pulled apart and looked towards the door to see Elizabeth with tears rolling down her face.Elizabeth ran out the room crying."Mother!!!"She yelled."Elizabeth!"You and Ciel yelled running after her.'I cant let father know about this!'You used your demon speed and ran ahead of Ciel,but you stopped as soon as you saw your father comforting Elizabeth.Your father looked up at you with a look that says 'im going to beat your a**.'You looked down like you do everytime you get in trouble.'WHAAA I DONT WANNA DIE.'

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