how you to met

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You were being chased through the woods by some anbu blackopps. You had been wrongly accused for murdering a family of 4. It wasn't you but you was there at the scene when it happened and you was the only one there after it happened. You was so so scared. Murder isn't in your nature, so why the anbus thought it was you, is a mystery. You can't even stand the sight of blood very much. You know who killed the family but they would never believe you. You see she was hidden away for most of her life, you didn't even know about her until last week. Your parents never wanted her so you never found out you had a twin sister. Its cruel and twisted but that's the truth. No wonder she turned into a psychopath.

The anbu are gaining on you. Tears and sweat drip down your face as you panted for breath. The dried blood of the family stained into your white shirt. You were just visiting them. You didn't expect them to die. They was your best friends and now shes out there killing. While the anbu chase you shes getting away, probably planning her next murder of someone you care about.

You run into a tree and fall back. Your nose is bleeding and the Anbu are surrounding you. "Please just leave me alone, I didn't do it" you beg. They look at you before you shot up and started to run again, only to run into a man. They all pull out weapons to fight before you realise who you had crashed into. "I-I-Itachi Uchiha" You whispered with a stutter. "You there, rouge ninja" an Anbu says shaking like hell. You hide behind him. All the anbu collapse holding their heads and screaming. It was both the screams and fear.

Itachi turns around to look at you. shaking, you back into a tree. Itachi blocks you from moving away from the tree and looks down at you (height difference). You gulp and he hears it. "Whats your name?" he asks looking down at a certain area. You slap him before saying "none of your business, Uchiha." You were scared for your life, but fear doesn't keep you from doing crazy stuff. "oh come on its only fair, you know who I am" he whispers into your ear "or do you want me to do to you what I did to them." You shake more in fear and look at him. "m-my names (y/n)" you say. "that's a hot name" he says. "uh t-thanks" you don't know what to say. You are so stoned it is unbelievable.

You made a promise to live with Itachi so he could have you as a reminder of the old days. You didn't know what you was thinking, you was terrified for your life. He showed you were you would be sleeping and you made yourself comfortable. That was 4 days ago and you haven't seen him since!

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