The Epilogue

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You walked up the hill, much like you do every year. It didn't change, you knew the route by heart at this point. The soft smell of flowers and nature in the air lifted your spirits a little as you made your way through the graveyard. The sun shined more than usual today, but then again, you said that same thing to yourself every year on this day.

You clenched the flowers in your hand tighter, more so than usual. You had a feeling, you usually had a lot of those, but this feeling was different--stronger. You huffed a breath as your phone rang. Quickly you pulled it from your pocket and answered it before putting in on your ear.

"Hello?" you spoke softly

"Ara? Girllllll where are you? Our flight's in three hours! We have to double-check everything!" Seena said in a rush

You chuckled, "Seena, I'm at the graveyard."

"Oooooh, is today that day already? Fuck...I'm sorry Ar...I know you get weird on this day."

"Damn, thanks. Your wording is so nice." you laughed

She giggled, "Sorry...I just don't get it. You said you didn't know the woman...right?"

"Nah...I didn't...But when we buried Granny here all those years ago I came across her grave and I don't know...It felt like I knew her...Like I owed her something." you said as you rounded a corner of the walkway and came to face the grave. "I'm here now Seen so I'll be home shortly."

"Yea, yea. Hurry your ass up!" She said before ending the call.

You smiled to yourself before locking your phone and putting it into your pocket. You looked somberly down at the nameplate before kneeling and allowing your knees to touch the grass.

"Another Elise?" you sadly smiled, "I don't know why I felt the need to do this...I don't know you...Never did...But something has always pulled me to you." you paused as if waiting for her to reply.

You sighed before continuing, "Seena and Felix...You remember me telling you about them right? We saved all year and we did it, Elise! We're moving to New York! Our flight leaves soon," you laughed mirthlessly, "But sadly....This will be the last time I visit for a while."

You unconsciously wiped a tear, "So...So yeah...Goodbye Elise...And...Thank you...I don't know why but...Thank you."

You placed the flowers down sweetly before standing up. You took a breath in before turning to leave.

"OH!" You said surprised, "I'm sorry, I would've been quicker had I known people were waiting..."

"Oh no...You're fine. Did you know my sister?" the person asked

"I--No...I just--"

"Got a feeling?" the person laughed, "You're not the first. I'm sure many people do the same."

"Oh I doubt it...No one visits a grave for 10 years of someone they don't know." she laughed but quickly stopped, "I'm so sorry...I didn't mean to disrespect--"

The person laughed and held up their hand..."No...Please come whenever. I'm Ella...Elise was my twin sister."


"For the most part." She said with a sad smile, "And you?"

"Oh...sorry...I'm Ara." you smiled as your phone rang, and you quickly pulled it out to see Felix's name. "And unfortunately I have to go. It was nice to meet you, Ella...It feels weird practically seeing who I've spoken to all these years...Thank you." With that, you answered the call and went on about your way.


Ella watched you; her smile slowly lessened and was instead replaced with a frown, as a memory played in her mind,

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