The Finale; Lost To Love Pt 2

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Within seconds the guards were charging toward the group. Elise and Ella touched their amulets before their eyes glowed white and black. The boys one by one touched their amulets and as Jungkook touched his, their eyes glowed black and white.

"Michael, I can't fight the way I need to if--"

"I know," Michael shouted as he and Alan were running towards the door, "I love you! Come back to me!" he yelled before making it through the threshold

Ella smirked before she began waving her arms around causing a wind funnel, sweeping up guards in her way. Elise began chanting a spell but she wasn't aiming for the guards. The witch noticed this and her eyes widened, "Guards! Attack Elise!" She shouted quickly

Jungkook and Taehyung ran first.

Taehyung grabbed a guard and punched him before another came behind him, jumping on his back. Jungkook quickly used his telekinesis and threw the guard against a wall, causing the guard to break his neck on a corner.

Ju immediately launches himself at Yoongi causing them to fall onto the floor. Yoongi punched him, disorientating him before using his leg to kick the male from atop him. Namjoon bombarded Deon as he tried to sneak up behind Jungkook. He lifted the man into the air and threw him at full force using his high wind ability, Jimin made contact as Deon was thrown through the air and used his laser to shoot a hole directly through the male's chest before he smack the ground.

Jin ran up the side of the wall as guards tried desperately to grab him before he used his superstrength to grab a ceiling frame and quickly jumped from the wall only to turn mid-air and swing the shit out of the frame, causing him to hit multiple targets, killing them before hitting the ground himself and sliding on the concrete to the other side of the room.

Yoongi used his power of fire to gather an intense amount of heat into his entire hand; as Ju charge at him once more, he simply grabbed the man's head and held his hands there as Ju screamed endlessly from the burning sensation. Yoongi laughed as he watched Ju becoming still. Taehyung rolled over Yoongi's back, landing on his feet and landing a punch on one guard before through an energy ball at another.

Jimin jumped onto a guard's shoulders and shot a laser through his skull before jumping off into a backflip and landing on the ground.

"Hey, Aunt El? We could use some backup!" He shouted before shooting another laser into a guard and punching one that was running up.

"Got it!" Ella waved her hand causing a portal to open as she continue controlling her wind funnel, "Just keep them off of Elise and me!"

"Can do!" Jungkook replied as he stepped on a guard's neck.

Through the portal Felix and Seena stepped through, causing Jungkook to groan. "Why him?!" He pouted before he was tackled by a guard.

"Fuck you!" Felix shouted before waving his arms in the motion of a giant circle and launching his arms forward which led to an abundance of vines shooting out from behind him, that angrily began attacking the guards, "That's why me, bitch!" he said excitedly.

Seena gracefully ran through the crowd of guards releasing a pheromone that caused the guards to fight each other. She smiled happily as she watched what she was able to do. She had practiced this so much that boys had to work on a mixture that would make the immune to the pheromone.

"Oh fuck this!" The First Witch shouted before she charged toward Elise.

Ella saw this and quickly turned around, "NO!" she shouted as she tried to run towards her, but as soon as the witch made contact Elise quickly threw her hand up. As if to motion her sister to stop.

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