28: Paul Bara

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'Rather have alliance then enemies'

Third person P.O.V

Olivia finds herself behind the security of her seatbelt in the front seat of Enrique's SUV, with the said man behind the wheel. Her eyes closing on their own accord as exhaustion slowly replaces the adrenaline in her system.

With a quick yet meticulous inspection to ensure she isn't concussed, Enrique encourages the tired teen to give in to her body's request for rest.

Wesley, volunteered to stay behind at the scene and deal with the situation here while the eldest sorted things out at the mansion.

The drive back to the mansion is one engulfed in nearly suffocating tension.

Now trapped in a deep slumber Olivia is unable to process the incident fully as it replays in her mind, while she watches herself in the third person.

Maybe if she would've done something differently...

Perhaps if she could've seen through their façade sooner...

She should've called someone to get her from school...

Throughout all of this Enrique, himself can't help but feel a pang of guilt, and responsible for all of this.

In the back of his mind, he had foreseen such a situation coming into play. A ploy to derail the wedding plans. After all, this wedding doesn't impact their personal lives alone, it plays a major role in their professional ones.

He had this intuition, yet he did nothing. He steals a glance at Olivia's sleeping form and finds himself unable to resist the building-up rage directed toward the ones responsible for her state. His anger only further fueled his guilt.

Enrique maneuvers his car in the direction of the mansion like a man on a mission. This is only the beginning, and he knows it. These people will stop at nothing less than putting a stop to this wedding even if it cost them a few lives.

Why's another body added to their bone yard gonna matter to them?

Knuckles clench around the steering wheel turning starved for blood and white as the thought of harm coming Olivia's way crosses his mind. 

He lets out an angry breadth, before doing what he does best and pushing aside his emotion and caging them behind the wall of impassiveness he always hides them behind. He needs his mind clear and focused at this moment.

'Emotions lead to irrational actions, that lead to irreversible mistakes' He reminds himself, knowing well and well that it is these very mistakes that get people in his line of work killed.

Emotions have no place in business. And the business he is in is like a game. And games are played with a clear head devoid of any distractions.

The stunt they pulled today with Olivia was their move, now it's his turn, and his reputation stands witness, he couldn't lose.

Pulling into their driveway, he finds no benefit in waking the already exhausted teen, concluding to carry her back to her room instead.

'She barely weighs anything' he mentally notes, a hint of concern lingering in the back of his mind.

He tucks her in and with a final place her way he turns to leave.

"We have a lead on the car," Ryan informs him, entering the sleeping teen's room uninvited. Enrique nods.

"How is she?" Kayden follows Ryan, with worry pasted over his face and urgency in his hushed tone.

"A bit shaken up, but otherwise fine," Enrique replies. Kayden nods firmly.

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