The Finale: Lost To Love Pt. 1

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Elise and Ella raced through the halls as they tried to find a sign of anyone. With no luck, the two women huffed a breath and came to a stop.

"I don't know what to do now." Elise said frantically, "I'm not used to this! I'm always in control—I always have control and—"

"Lise? Calm down okay? It's okay, we'll figure this out. We always do...Namjoon?" Ella asked as she glanced at her nephew.

"Yes?" He replied as he and Hoseok stood by and watched them closely.

"Can you call on Jungkook?"

"'s not telepathic like Kook," Hoseok answered

"Jungkook and you all are connected. So if you truly need it then he should feel it. Just try." Ella said annoyed

Namjoon took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He thought about Jungkook and the many things he had to teach the young boy while he was growing up. Then he felt his heart jump.

"Namjoonie? How—"

"Never mind that. Have you heard anything?"

"Room with cement flooring. Past red door with caution tape."


Namjoon opened his eyes and stared at Elise.
"Cement building, past door with yellow caution tape?"

"I know exactly where he's going. Let's go."
Though Elise began to walk, she was so tired...and everyone could see.

"—Ma—Elise...are you okay?" Hoseok walked a little closer to her as he spoke. Namjoon only watched as he walked further behind.

"I'm fine Hoseok," she crept out, "Just tired." She gave him a weak smile before he wrapped an arm around her waist and clasped his free hand on her form arm to hold her up.

"You're dying...aren't you..." Namjoon said sadly

Ella turned around to face him and Elise only stopped her steps. Ella could see the pain in Namjoon's eyes the longer the silence held.

"Th—That's why you've all been acting weird! You all know she's going to die!"

"I've been about to die for most of my life Namjoon. I didn't perform the ritual...So I die."

"That's not fair! We...I—No!" Namjoon demanded, "No. There is always another way—"

"Not for this Joon...."

Namjoon looked at Hoseok as if he had just offended his entire family. "You didn't tell any of us..."

"I didn't know—"


Hoseok sighed, "I didn't know...I only knew she wasn't going to be coming home with us."

Namjoon finally decided to let his tears fall. But, he couldn't let them see so he pushed past them and continue their journey.

Elise only smiled at his back; "it'll be okay. He'll forgive you for this one day."

As she and Ella began to walk ahead, Hoseok huffed a breath.

"I don't even think I forgive myself," he whispered as they continued on.


Jimin coughed up a bit more blood as the guard landed another punch against his abdomen. Taehyung wrestled against his bondage trying to get free but his attempts were futile. Jin finally called out to the guards, causing their attention to be drawn toward him.

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