Diagon Alley.

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I adopted this story from Nkari127 on ff.net as he allowed it, though contrary to his story that was Harry/Fleur this story is Harry/Many and there will be a few changes throughout the story. It may not have lemons but sex is discussed freely though nothing graphic is there. There will be no Remus/Tonks instead Tonks will be paired with Harry. Hope you enjoy.

Remus Lupin, a sickly yet handsome looking man that looked to be in his early thirties, stood with his hands buried deeply in his tattered brown coat as he watched the football game being played out before him. He was chewing the inside of the scarf wrapped around his neck anxiously; this looked to be shaping up to be one of those 'close ones' that were bad for his heart and health.

The rather cold weather was usually a good deterrent for anyone who wanted to spend their Sunday mornings outside, but for Remus, the temperature didn't matter. What mattered to him was watching his adopted charge give it his all to win his side the championship.

Said child was dressed immaculately in a navy blue and white football kit, his shirt perfectly tucked in and his socks pulled up high - a vast contrast to his scruffy looking team mates. The boy was Harry Potter, the most brilliant, determined and intelligent young individual he had ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Remus had adopted the boy not long after his third birthday when his father had been killed and his mother had fallen into a coma.

Neither of them liked to talk about how that came to pass. Remus was, after all, very close friends with his parents, they were like family.

Despite the tragic circumstances that lead to Harry's ever so brief stay at the orphanage, Remus had made it his mission in life to provide the boy with everything he needed, and make sure he was as happy as possible.

It would be a lie if someone were to say that Harry was a difficult child, because it just wasn't true. The boy may have a twisted, witty and often sarcastic sense of humour that would show itself whenever the boy grew irritated, it was one of the things he grew to love about the boy - one of his unique quirks. It was a unique, amusing and yet humbling experience to have intellectual arguments with a boy he was trying his hardest to raise, but he'd be lying if he didn't say it was a pleasant one.

At first, when Remus had adopted the boy, he was a mess. Having basically witnessed the attack on his parents that ruined their lives, it was quite understandable. The traumatic experience had a lasting affect on the boy. He often spent most of his days back ten in his room, sitting at his desk, and staring out the window at the sky for hours. It was extremely hard to get the boy to speak more than a few words to anyone, and when he did, it was a simple greeting before he clammed up again.

Remus had briefly considered therapy for the boy before the most amazing thing happened; Harry started to open up to him when the boy expressed a willingness, nay, a need to learn and acquire knowledge. Harry would often spy him on most nights with a glass of Brandy and a good book, reading in silence as they each pretended that the other didn't know they were there.

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