I watch aimlessly as people come in and out of the coffee shop. I have no idea why but I've always wondered, what is their life behind doors? Are they putting on an act? I am not stupid and I know that everyone has secrets. I just wonder. I'm curious and my mother has always said that if I get too curious, it will do me only bad.

My fingers wrap around the handle of my coffee cup as I lower my glaze to the black coffee that is in it. I sigh softly and look back down at my homework as I take another sip. I really don't have the motivation to do this right now even though I know I have to or it will be another fail for me.

"Ivy, how's your work doing?" I hear a familiar voice and immediately have the urge to roll my eyes. It's Quin. He is so annoying and has tried to 'hook' up with me since year 9, we are now in our last year of high school. I'm not into his type anyway, mine is... Well, kinky.

"Give it up, Quin. You've been trying since our second year. You don't care about my work, only to get your filthy hands up my skirt." I mutter and stand up, straightening out my white tennis skirt. I can feel Quin's eyes on me and honestly, I'm not in the mood at all.

"Come on, give me a chance. You're so sour." I hear him groan and if I'm honest, I don't want to even look at him. His disgusting behaviour makes me sick. Shoving my stuff in my bag, I swing the transparent thing over my shoulder and finally face him. He has an unimpressed frown on his lips, his eyebrows furrowed. I shake my head and look away from him, finally turning my back to him. A soft gasp leaves my lips when I feel a hard figure bump into me, my eyes squeezing shut when I feel like I am going to fall. A firm hand is wrapped around my forearm causing me to steady myself.

"You should watch where you are going." I can almost feel my thighs clamp shut at the sound of the guys raspy British accent. I can't bring myself to look up or even speak as his grip on my arm tightens a little. "Are you going to speak?"

I finally look up as he says that and my eyes immediately lock with his jade ones, my body going rigid. He has beautiful semi-long curls and some stubble on his perfectly prominent jaw and chin. The little freckle beside his pump lips is something that I adore already. He is so handsome and at that moment, I wanted him to force me on my knees and shove his cock down my pretty little mouth.

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