Rebellion Leads to Pain Sometimes...

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Misao fell a little limp. She gave up....there was no escaping from the goddamn woods. And Misao knew that. Her golden eyes dimmed, not knowing what was next to do. She gave a weak whine and whimper. Puppeteer hesitated, just wanting to seize Misao with his strings and rip her away from the grip of the Slender Brother. He was desperate, he wanted her to reciprocate feelings. She didn't seem like she did but he wished she would. "If only...."He murmured silently, watching. Sally growled a little, holding Mr.D in her arms. "Uncle...please let Misao go."She said in a small quiet voice. Splendor hesitated lightly. Misao's eyes flashed with her sign of defeat. He let her slide from his hands and onto the floor, collapsed on her knees. Her hair hung over to cover all over her face. Misao felt like she wore shackles and cuffs that held her back from exploring the world beyond the woods. A slave......"I'm nothing but a slave....."She said, barely audible."What?"Slender questioned." I'M NOTHING BUT A SLAVE TO YOU! I'm your slave, your maid. All because you're afraid to go protect the pages on your own."She spat. Laughing Jack stalked forward and picked her up, slinging Misao over his shoulder. She sniffled and hugged his neck, nuzzling him like a young child. He froze and his eyes became filled with shock and wonder. He shook his head and walked back to the mansion, muttering to himself. He lowered her a little, so he was holding her like a mother would a child. She held her breath as his hand slipped to her ass. LJ gave a sheepish grin."Don't think too much of it. I'm just carrying you."He said, a bit annoyed at her look. Misao nodded and yawned."Sleepy? Eh, don't let Jeff hear ya yawn."She buried her head into his neck and licked her lips in a tired way, but her tongue accidentally grazed his sweet spot. Jack gave out a tiny strained moan, making Misao poke her head up."Wh-what?"She asked. He shook his head."Nothing......just go back to sleep."He patted her back and gulped. She went back to sleep, purring cutely. He chewed his lip, had he fallen under the charm of Misao? This felt unreal, he did not think he would ever have a crush on another living being....but then again, Misao had been dead..."That is not the point! The point here is I guess I like her now..."He scolded himself in a hushed voice. Nobody probably saw this coming.......Misao was just so innocent, and everything she did had a true purpose. Her personality was admirable, her looks gave her extra credit. She was not delicate like some of the others, she was infact stronger and she knew who to put her trust in. She just seemed so.....perfect. But of course, Misao had people who did not like her, not just all the girls but some of the boys indeed. All the Pokémon trainers, Suicide Mouse, Squidward, Dr.Smiley, Skintaker, and on some occasions Slender himself. The list could go on forever.
  LJ opened the door and slid into the mansion, rocking Misao with a small smile. He hesitated as he saw Laughing Jill.....just crossing her arms and glaring. He chuckled and stroked Misao's head as he went upstairs. Opening the door to her room, he hesitated again. If he left her to rest in her room, someone would at least try to kill her for her mini revolt against THE Slenderman. He closed the door and casted a soft smile at her when he glanced at her face, which rested on his shoulder and was half nuzzled into his neck. Laughing Jack set her down on his quite large bed. She immediately made herself at home, pulling the covers over her. Misao still shivered. He climbed into bed with her, not minding it. Jack saw it as he was just keeping her warm. He hummed "Pop Goes The Weasel" into her ear softly. She absent mindedly gave him a little kiss and murmured "Thank you" in her sleep. He was a bit stunned but shook it off and held her close, stroking her head softly. A new feeling overwhelmed the monochrome clown....a sense of protection. Why? He was oblivious to that....but he knew who he had developed the feeling for. The girl laying in her arms. He lost a bit of his love interest and became more for having a brotherly love for Misao. She had nobody there in her life, she needed someone....and he was going to be that person. He glanced up to see Jeff come in, tilting his head in the slightest confusion. LJ grinned."Jealous or naw?"He teased. Jeff scowled, though the scars that lengthened his mouth into a smile made it impossible to be able to tell whether Jeff was happy or mad or annoyed."No! Now shut up, freak show.....anyways, Slender said people have to take turns watching over her....Masky is next."Jeff said. He rolled his eyes. Both Laughing Jack and Jeff despised Masky, he was an annoying proxy.....even Kate was better! No matter how much Kate the Chaser looked like Masky and Jeff combined, she was still a better proxy. Being female, she was more mature and intelligent, regardless she had no idea of her past. Masky stepped into the room."Hqnd her turn."He muttered, smoking his cigarette. LJ scowled."Do you HAVE to be smoking around her?"He snapped."What difference does it make? Now get out, you black and white freaks."Masky growled. LJ handed her off."This is my room, GET OUT."He roared. Masky shrugged and carried Misao out, going back to her room. He did not like her, he was a neutral, he did not exactly believe he could have feelings like that so Masky dismisses any possibilities without hesitation or regret. Walking over, Masky just dropped her on the bed, not caring if she woke up or fell off, it was all the same. As she lay, she curled up under the covers and poked her head out so she could breathe in fresh air. She found nothing but smoke. Her amber eyes shot open and watched him suck up and blow out on that cigarette, she began to cough violently, coughing up even specks of blood. Misao was not used to smoke, her lungs were still pure, now the sting of smoke stunned her human bodh systems and acted immediately. They worked to get it all out but it just caused her more immense agonizing pain. Masky, on the other hand, did not notice and continued to smoke.

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