~ Chapter 3 ~ Icha icha

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Kakashi gaze at her and blush.
"U-uhm...eh...it's" he says and blush hard.
Sakura look at him and smile teasingly.
"It is?..." she continues wondering.
Kakashi swallow and grin a little emberresed.
"I-it's for adults...it's nothing for you Sakura." he says trying to fix the situation.

"Now i want to know even more!" Sakura says determined.

"N-no...it's not appropaite.." he says quiet and blush and scratch his head and stands up and lay down his book. Sakura roll her eyes.
"A-and it's hot in here..."

he says and starts to remove his jounin jacket and then his shirt. Sakura look at him teasingly and slowly reach for his book. He stands without his shirt and sees it. Sakura takes the book and open it.

"Sakura, don't!" he says and walk towards her with a serious look. Sakura giggle and stand up and starts to read from the book out loud.

"The pink haired girl.." she says and kakashi reach for her and push her up to the wall and take his book back emberresed and breathe heavily.

He look at Sakura and blush intensly when they're face are just some tiny meters away from each other and his bare upperbody pin her up against the wooden wall. Her big green eyes, look at him shocked and nervously as her cheeks turns red. He look down at her lips, they look so...it's a force there that wants him to kiss her...

Sakura doesn't move she just breath heavily and blush when she feel kakashis breathe breathing at her and his muscular body against her, she swallow.

She looks so gorgeous...he thinks to himself and gaze down at her body and swallow...those hips...he sees Sakura nervously look in her eyes and bite his lip.
He take a hand around her jaw and chin and look into those beautiful green eyes, he meet her lips and it feels like sparkles, so good.

Sakura gaze shocked at him and breathe repitedly with his lips on hers and then wake up to reality. She takes her hands on his chest and push him away.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" She screams with her face all red.

This chapter was a little shorter bc, the next will be some smut in... I'll hold you updated.

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