Interracial Mafia Love

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Ring, ring, ring the alarm on my phone stirred me up. It was 7:30 am and it was time for me to get dressed and ready for my morning class. Mornings simply are not for me. No matter what I do I just hate waking up early.

But today is a special day. It is the start of my last semester of University, and then I would have my bachelors degree. I was excited. I knew that I had to at least be on time for the first week of classes to make a good impression to my teachers. But in the end I know I'll revert back to my old ways. I was okay with that.

So I jumped in the shower and washed my smooth brown skin with body gel. There was no way I could come to class musty. After I finished my shower I got my clothes on and did my hair. I looked in the mirror, and my confidence was showing. I looked good!

I checked the clock then I began to panic I had class in 15 minutes. I grabbed my cellphone, backpack, and some snacks. Then I finally rushed to class.

I read my schedule and it said political science 315 in room 402 at 8:15am. So I rushed inside the class and the only available seat left was in the front.

Thankfully the teacher hadn't yet taken the attendance. Once she became situated she began calling names on her list. I listen intently for my name but she never called it. I raised my hand and said, "Professor, you never called my name."

She said, "Well what's is you name mam?"

I said, "Stacey James."

She said, "You are not on any of my class list. I'm looking at my computer on line and you are not there."

"This cannot be possible mam. I signed up for this class three months ago. I know am for sure to Be in this class. This is Political science 315."

The teacher stared at me and shook her head. "No this is Physics 209. We are in room 302. What does your schedule say?"

I looked down at the paper then up to the teacher. Whoa was I embarrassed. I looked and then said, "I apologize."  

Those college students laughed hard at me.

I almost made it to the back of the classroom, but luck was clearly not on my side. My foot managed to trip over a students bag. Everything in my hand fell, and I fell too.

My promising day that I thought was starting off well was not. I just laid on the floor for 30 seconds praying that God could make me invisible. When I looked up a big strong Caucasian hand was stuck out. He said, "Let me help you up." I grabbed his hand and stared in dark blue eyes.

He was extremely gorgeous. I knew I held his hand a bit too long because the professor cleared her throat and said, "We must began class Miss James. Carry on now, you are late for your other class."

Fortunately the guy picked up the things I dropped and gave them to me. I shyly took all things out of his hands and I darted for the door. I couldn't manage a thank you to come out my mouth. 

In the hallway I recollected myself. I looked at my class schedule to figure out what went wrong. And went I saw my error I wanted to smack myself. I do have a class in room 302 but it wasn't until 6:00 pm.  

Yes I was upset and embarrassed. I saw some handsome men in that class especially the gentleman who helped pick me up when I face planted on the ground. He had muscles on top of his muscles. And that was sexy. I've been single for about three years now and sometimes I feel as if I am missing out.

I mentally chastised myself for even thinking about being in a relationship. My last relationship ended terrible, and I needed to focus on my classes. 

Finally I reached the door and opened it gently praying that the teacher would not recognize me coming in. My goal was to blend in with the rest of classmates then at the end of class I would come to her and explain that she never called my name during the attendance. But unfortunately I was not granted with that privilege. She checked me right at the door. 

"Excuse me mam, but what are you doing? This class begins promptly at 8:15, and it is already 8:25. What is your name?'

I said, "Stacey James."

She went to he clipboard and made sure I was in the right class then she continued to teach. 

Instead of listening to her I began to day dream about my non existent love life. I had so many crushes, and couple of potential boyfriends but it seemed as if nothing would ever go right. It almost upset me. 

That class last one hour then the teacher let us go. I had my mind set on the cafeteria. I was hungry and I had a meal plan to supply all of my food needs. I am average weight for a 22 year old woman, but I was never one to refuse good food. 

I walked straight to the omelet station and then I went to grab me some hash browns and bacon. Once I grabbed my orange juice I found a small corner in the cafeteria, then I dug in. I felt like a pig eating all that food but it was extremely tasty and I could not refuse myself. 

I picked up a piece of sausage then I decided to examine it before I ate it. I smelled it then, I held it close to my eyes. I know I am weird, but I was curious. During my investigation I felt a hand gently tap my shoulder. I jumped so high out my chair, I dropped my sausage on the floor. 

I turned around thinking it was one of my bestfriends, but I was wrong. It was the handsome man who came to my rescue. He said, "I am sorry. I never meant to scare you." I looked at him then I turned around. I figured if I would not say anything that he would eventually go away. He pulled up a chair to my table then he said, "Excuse me, but where are your manners? When you fell this morning I helped you up. You never said sorry."

I looked at him, and then I said, "I am sorry." Then I looked down at my food and ignored him. He was such eye candy, but I knew guys that looked like him did not like girls like me. Besides our obvious skin color difference, this man looks like he came right out from the G.Q magazine. No we were two different people. 

The man said, "Wow that's tough. What's your name?"

I did not want to answer but I thought I would be polite. I said, "Stacey James, and whats your name?" I looked him directly in his eyes. 

He gave me a small grin and then he said, "My name is Ranger Matthews. By the way Stacey you are very beautiful woman."

Ranger's POV

This woman is a fox. I have not seen a woman as pretty as she is in along time. Being in the profession that I am in, lets just say I get around. I watched Stacey eat her food, I knew I was making her feel awkward but I could not help it. She is pretty, and I want to look at her.

I knew my time was limited and father expected me home in an half hour for an emergency meeting. In the mafia, when the boss calls a meeting it is imperative that we drop what we are doing to come. 

Stacey looked at me, and then she looked back down. Her innocence was charming. I said, "I have to go. I guess I will see you around campus. Have a good day." Stacey did not respond but I was extremely happy that I was able to talk to her. 

Stacey seemed like a normal good girl. She did not seem like a cheating, thieving, lying, traitorous, backstabbing woman, like all the other seemed like. She was everything those women were not.

Finally I walked to my Mercedes Benz, and I sped home. If I was late to the meeting I would be punished. It does not matter my father is the boss. If anything that makes it worst. My dad will make an example out of me. My father wanted a better for life for me than he had for himself, so being his only child he allowed for me to have the opportunity to go to university, as long as I understood that the mafia came first. 

Once home I got to my neighborhood, I pulled up to the security window, and I signaled for the attendant to let me on to the property. Finally I pulled into the garage, and ran into the house towards the conference room. I made it with less than two minutes to spare. 

I saw the stern look on my fathers face I knew it was time to discuss family business. Someone needed to be taken care of.

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