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    "You don't have much time." What? What does Griffin mean?

    "The Grabber hasn't been sleeping. He thinks that....this is it. That he's gonna figure it out. The Grabber is offering two options for him." Griffin explains,

    Option for 'him'? For who?? What is The Grabber planning....?

    "Options....? Options for who, Griffin?" I ask,

    "For his brother upstairs." Upstairs. He's upstairs, right now! Okay, okay....

    "Alright. Is the Grabber up there with him, right now?"

    "Yes. But, he's asleep. Knocked out, on his chair." Griffin answers.

     "Okay. Now about those option's, what are they?"

    Griffin starts giggling,

    "An option that will determine whether his brother values his life or not. The options....being something not really good."

    "Oh. I see....do the options involve....me, in a way?" I ask, nervously.

    Griffin stays silent, showing that he's over with this topic.

    Changing the topic, I say

    "Are you....Griffin?" A gasp,


    "Griffin. Are you Griffin Stagg?" I ask, pacing around the room.

    "Probably. Everything's all a little hazy. But, I imagined that you knew all our names."

    "Every kid does, Griffin....I, especially. Even I still know you, now. No one else really did...." I say, in a low voice.

    "Nobody does." I frown,

    "You spend years being invisible, then every kid in the states knows your name." Griffin sighs, before continuing.

    "But....you know me. You actually still....remember, me?" Griffin says.

    Nodding my head rapidly, I say

    "Yes! Of course I still do. We're friends, of course. How could I just forget you?"

    "Oh....I still remember you, as well." I gasp,

    "You still do??"

    "I never planned to forget. I've saw everything you've been doing, for me."

    "Saw what....?"

    "I've saw how you hung up missing posters of me, saw how you would always go searching for me on your bike, and how you always went to check on my mom as much as you could and more.

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