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    "You don't have much time."



    "The Grabber, he hasn't been sleeping. He thinks that this will finally be it. That HE'S gonna finally figure it out. The Grabber is planning. Planing an option for him, when he does."

    An option for 'him'? What is the Grabber even planning??

"An option for who?" I ask,

    "His brother. The one whose upstairs, right now."

    "Is he with the Grabber, right now?"

    "No, he's asleep. Has no clue that either of this is happening." Now about that option....

       "Okay....what about that option. What is that option the Grabber is making, for his brother?" Griffin stays silent.

    He knows about the option, the Grabber is planning for his brother.

    And that plan isn't good.

Than, a little giggle.

    "I....can't say. An option that his brother haves to make, that will involve his life. He has to do....hehe....something really bad. If he wants to live."

    Something bad?

    ....Does it involve me?

"Does it involve....me?" I question, nervous. Silence, again.

    Griffin just starts giggling. Indicating that he had enough, talking about this very topic.

    I change the topic,

"Are you....Griffin?" I ask, clenching tightly onto the phone.

    "W-Who?" I start pacing, around the room.

    "Griffin. Griffin, Stagg."

    "Probably. Everything's all a little hazy. But, I imagined that you would know all of our names." Nodding, I stop walking.

    "Every kid does, Griffin. I knew. I still know who you are. But....no one else really did."

    "Figures. Nobody did." Looking down, I sigh.

    A tear, threatening to roll down my face.

    He isn't even surprised, or sad. He deserves so much better....

    "You spend so many years being invisible, but then every kid in the state finally starts to even know you. Know who you are. Know that you existed." A tear, rolls down my face. Quickly, I wipe the tear away.

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