A and D (9)

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I decided to dedicate this chapter to my currently favorite writer on Wattpad. I love her "First Down for the Girls." You guys should really check it out. I was laughing my head off at 3AM in the morning reading it.. LOL! (She's baaaaaaaaaaack with a new username!! Whoop!! ^_^)

Anyway, here comes the movie night~



Friday night came. I made sure that the living room was fine. But of course, nothing was wrong with it. I just made that excuse up to sound as if I was doing something because Alyson was busy in the kitchen making drinks and popcorn for tonight. Why was I not in the kitchen? Let’s just say that cooking wasn't my cup of tea.

Ding Dong!

The door bell rang. I went to the door expecting to see Dwayne, but instead I saw Aaron with a big grin stretched across his face.

He looked good wearing only a dark blue shirt and beige knee-length shorts. His hair was wet – he probably took a shower before going here. He looked as though he was going to the beach, while I looked like I was going to bed – seeing as I was only wearing a loose white t-shirt and plaid trousers that looked like pajamas.

“Aren’t you going to let me in?” Aaron suddenly asked.

I looked at him evenly. “Were you invited?”

Aaron rolled his eyes before saying, “I thought we’re already passed that.”

“That depends,” I said. My eyes searched his hands. “Did you bring any food?” I asked expectantly.

“No,” he answered. “But I ordered pizza,” he added, smiling.

“Good enough, you can come in,” I considered as I opened the door wider to let him in. “Go straight to the living room. You do know the way, don’t you?”

“I’ve been coming here my whole life. What do you think is the answer to your question?”

“Grouchy tonight, aren’t you?” I said, frowning a bit, as I closed the door. “Don’t tell me you’re starting to have PMS.”

Seriously, he was so crabby these past few days. What was up with him? He had been bad-tempered since . . . since he met Dwayne last Wednesday. What didn’t he like about Dwayne? Just because he wouldn’t join the Basketball team didn’t mean he was to be hated. I mean, yeah, he said bad things about the sport but it was just because he didn’t like it. We all had our own opinion on things. Dwayne might look like he was an athletic person but he really wasn’t.

Let me clear that I wasn't sticking up for Dwayne. But I just expected that Aaron would at least be happy that someone like Dwayne chose to be my friend. He wasn’t forced or anything. Because frankly, I was not exactly the type that someone usually befriended in High School – especially if that someone wanted to fit in that jungle.

Hmmm . . . A sudden thought came to my mind. This must be what Aaron felt like between me and Annabelle. Wow. Not a pleasant feeling at all.

“That’s just your imagination, D,” said Aaron, shaking his head as if I said something far-fetched. He entered the living room, settling himself on the right side of the couch.

Before I could reply, the door bell rang again. Now, I was sure that the person behind the door was Dwayne. I opened the door, and I was right.

Then, I froze.

I remembered all the chick flick movies I watched. You know when the leading man turns up at the leading lady’s doorsteps for a date looking all neat and handsome, carrying flowers? Well, that was what Dwayne looked like with his V-neck long-sleeves and jeans. And instead of flowers, he was carrying a plate of Lasagna.

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