pt 51.

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| 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚛𝚍 𝙿𝚎𝚛𝚜𝚘𝚗 |


"I don't wanna leave mama its pretty here" Kianna smiled looking at the white angels flying around in the flower garden.

"Don't say that baby it's not your time and you know that" her mother frowned.

"It is..I don't think I belong there. Its calm up here and beautiful" she stated looking around seeing golden gates surrounding the area.

"I know ladybug but you can't just say that without thinking your only 24 your still a baby and have a way bigger life ahead of you all you have to do is wake up"

"I don't want to-"

"Kianna Its beautiful here I know but its NOT your time. You haven't bought your first house, or had your own kids even get married you don't want this right now. I want you to enjoy your life bug ill always be here waiting for you soon but not now"

"Mommy please-"

"No bug just wake up it was just a small seizure from your panic okay. Your fine just breathe and stay calm I love you okay" she smiled touching her daughters hand gently.

"Mommy wait-"


"Momma just hold on" Kianna said feeling her hand slowly fading out of hers.


"I love you so much baby ill see you in years to go alright" she assured moving backwards into the light.

"I love you to-"


Kianna's eyes popped open with a heavy breathe scanning around the room seeing nothing but light.

"She's up she's up cut the machine off" The doctor stated as the turned off the defibrillator.

Her heart beat started going back into its normal rate before her eyes fully opened blinking a few times.

"Kianna sweetheart can you hear me?" Dr. Ryan asked shining the light into her eyes.

Kianna moved her head slightly into a nod as she turned the light off.

"Alright you're doing just fine stay calm and keep breathing at your paste we'll let everyone know that your back" she smiled rubbing her forehead.

After Deandre took her to the hospital she passed away at 4:30am waking back up at 9am in the morning it honestly shocking everybody because they were about to unplug her cord until her machine started beeping again in a faster paste leading them to use the defibrillator machine to shake her back.

"Water" she said dryly feeling nothing in her throat but air.

"I can't hear you baby" the male spoke leaning closer to her.

"W-Water" she coughed turning her head to the side.

"Go get her some water her throats temporarily dry"

"Hurry up now" he rushed as the other nurse rushed out the room to the water machine.

"You'll be fine he's bringing water and we'll get you up and running in "


Deandre sat in the waiting area bouncing his leg up and down wiping the tear from his face feeling anxious.

He had a feeling this wasn't true and they mistaken her for the wrong person but he hoped that she was really here and back. They stated her gone October 14th 4:30am before he got the call around 10am that she was alive and doing somewhat well.

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